Friday, July 22, 2011

Resting and recovering:)

I had to hit the road running when I got home from Tenn., was tired but was so glad to see my grandbabiesSmile So once I had pushed my  self to my limit, I decided to take a Linda Lou AVeriit day, actually severalSmile  Need so down time and rest time and me timeSmile I am reading and praying about specific things going on in my life right now that I need God to do something aboutSmile SO it’s a me and Jesus time.  This am slept till 9am then got up laid at the pool, did water aerobics with some other ladies, then showered and read and ready for a nap:0 Tonight going out to eat, and then tomorrow more pool time and prayer time and rest time then home again, home again.  I have to have my time so I can refuelSmile  When I went to mother’s Friday she seemed so sad, she brightened up, we sang about the little brown church in the woods, looked a pictures, I cannot wait till that book I did comes, she will love it.  When I see her like that I know it is getting closer to time for us to live together, I am really praying on when that is to be and how to do that, just have a feeling it may be by the end of the year. I guess I may start bringing mother over to spend the night some to see if she can just move in like my home is, or will I need to rearrange things.  I do not want to do this till I know it is the right time, but just pondering on it allSmile well best go take a nap..hugs

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home again home again

On our way home, on the road againSmile This has been such a roller coaster of emotions for me.  I love seeing mother see her brother’s and sister’s, friends, family. Yesterday we went to the train station, this is where we would ride in form Little Rock, it is so pretty now, still had same choo choo sharons 001character. choo choo sharons 002choo choo sharons 003choo choo sharons 004choo choo sharons 005choo choo sharons 006choo choo sharons 007sorry pics are blurry

Then we went to Sharon’s, we had a potluck, so what good food!  Tom and Sharon had hired a group to come and play, they play the song of the church in the wildwoods, it was so sweet, mother sang and sang, a lot of old gospel songs,some neat folk songs, and our old time favorite you are my sunshinechoo choo sharons 011 like being with old time country gospel,  such a memory I will never forget, they played Tn. waltz, mother danced with her brother Edsharon3sharonclogging, Connie taught me to dance with the door knob, taught, Tiffany and Sharon to clogSmile would love to figure it out. choo choo sharons 013choo choo sharons 010so many good deserts…yes I did eat someSad smile  We came back to house, packed and went to bed, got up at seven to be on road by eight, then on road realized time change, so we will get home a hour earlierSmile Today is Sean’s birthday and Laila’s birthday party,  April comes home tomorrow cannot wait to see her and hear all about her missions trip, I have missed her, even in being so busy with motherSmile

Have a busy week in Real Estate, appointments on Monday, Hannah and family are at the house, can not wait to see them and hold baby LukeSmile hugs and have a great day!

Simon’s Reunion, Chattanooga Tn


Friday, July 15, 2011

We left Tuesday morning early to go to Chattanooga, to have a Simon’s family reunion, tenn 001look like a dorkSmile We made the trip fine, had a lot of stops, mother did great! We had rented a home, in which Connie and I found on the internet, we rented it so we could all stay together and family could come there to visit. As we neared the home, I realized it was in a high risk area, it made me so nervous, I just started laughing, when we got in it, it was a beautiful older home, decorated pretty, but drug deals going on across the street, the dryer did not work, the stove was dirtytenn 012 (Copy)

with spilt over something and we found a syringe. tenn 003


dryer was not vented so it heated up the whole house,tenn 011

I emailed the owner to let her know that we had felt the home was misrepresented and that she may want to have the maid clean better. That I would want to know these things if I were out of state and it was my home. I had just came back from going to the grocery store and unloaded the food, it was 10pm and all was in PJ’S,  the owner called me back and said, I want you to vacate my home right now! I thought………………… and said, may I call you back in a minute, I have learned when someone is irrational to let them cool off. I looked on line for another place, could not find anything, I knew I could not move mother and all our things, Mama and Roy are elderly and we had all unpacked. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I called her back, and said I am so sorry if I offended you, you have a lovely home, I felt as a business woman you would want to know how it was left, she then said she is the one who cleaned it and she does not clean the oven or stove after each guest, she was in town in one of her other homes, one block overSmile Again, I stated what a beautiful home she had and that there is NO WAY I can move my mother who has Alzheimer's and my Grand parents out at ten o’clock at night,  we will talk in the morning. I was so shocked in how unprofessional she was, it was hard to go to sleep because of the area, also the house had five bedrooms but she failed to say one was in the formal living area,Tenn simons 122 Tenn simons 123and one off the kitchen does not have a bedroom doorSad smile so Steve and I slept in the open bedroom with our glock, there is no way I would of stayed without a gun and Steve.  The house has a wonderful front porch that sits up higher on the street the the other homes, we did enjoy the porch, after the first night we got use to the area and have been fine, seen many drug deals go down, it has been a quiet area, so I settled down, for one there was no place to go. Called the owner and said we would be fine in her home and I again was sorry if I offended her. She was nice and said ok……what a messSmile

Mother’s family came over, Tenn simons 001Aunt Mildred, Inez, Mama, Sharon, Ed, mother.Tenn simons 021mother

and Connie

Tenn simons 029mother seeing Tenn simons 031her baby brother WesleyTenn simons 061Connie, Mildred, Ed, Elmer, Mother, Wesley and rest of family


at Ryan’s and everyone came, even Mother’s friend from grade schoolTenn simons 091Smile This is mothers BF and Aunt Mildred’s BF form school.

Mother knew her brother’s and sister’s, she cried when she saw them.

Yesterday we went to Signal Mountain, we went to her mother’s grave,tenn signal mtn 050 Papa made the headstone for it and her grandfather’stenn signal mtn 051

her old home place, Papa torn down original house, but this one was form my teens tenn signal mtn 043tenn signal mtn 047tenn signal mtn 045left our out houseSmile



tenn signal mtn 046field that the everyone played inSmile you could walk through the woods to the storeSmiletenn signal mtn 014tenn signal mtn 021tenn signal mtn 018to get up the mountain you can go up the W road, it is where the road has curves and it is shaped just like a W, only one car can make the turns at a timeSmile

beautiful views! tenn signal mtn 024Then there is a little brown church in the woods, that has a congregation that still meets in it,tenn signal mtn 036tenn signal mtn 037

tenn signal mtn 026tenn signal mtn 039we sang this, mother remembered itSmiletenn signal mtn 038tenn signal mtn 029tenn signal mtn 033mother was singing the song that talks of this church, pic of song

Having a good but tiring time, has bitter sweet moments, so sad to see mother like she is, I am making her a album of the trip, today we will go to the train depot and to Sharon’s for a reunion potluck, since it was Friday we felt it would be better at her houseSmile then home tomorrow….hugs by the way the house is beautiful and furnished niceSmile but would not stay here again, due to the areaSmile  Hugs!!