Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday and Tacos

It has been a lazy day for sure, we got up about 8:30ish, guess we were ready because we woke up, I would love to sleep till 10! Then talked to the time share office about renting or selling our time shares, took 2 hours! way to long! Of course all they wanted to do was upgrade us, but we did not do that:) Then went to the red roof outlet mall, which has no business and the stores have a citrus smell which gives me a headache so Steve and I came back to the condo, after he bought this tool that removes dents form you car, you see it on TV. I had not eaten all day and made tacos and cheese dip, with all the fixins, it was sooooooo good:) Got my PJ's on and going to play games and watch TV:) just chillin with my baby and babies:) Tomorrow we will go to Branson landing and eat at Joe's crab shack for Miss April's 19th birthday! mainly we are just relaxing and resting, which is hard for me to do, I am just now slowing down in my mind:) hugs and night................oh YES, it is not will it snow but how much snow for tomorrow night:))))) YEA!

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