Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This week has been scorching HOT! It is just steamy when your outside, I have had a full week, in the first two days, listed two more homes, so that is nine for July!  Sold some and needs some others to sell! We met Mark Sunday and got Blake and Max, brought them home with us till Thursday, so my side kick Steve has not been at work to help me, we did get Victoria to sit today because we both had appointments.  Last night I had some time while the boys were at Jack's birthday party to go and see mother, have the time I have wanted to just sit and visit and rub her legs and feet in some good smelling lotion Kay got her.  Mother is still weak form that TIA but is doing good, she is happy at the nursing home, I still struggle with it, I am in and out several times a day, but like it when I can just sit and visit and love on mother:)  It is a good place and they do take good care of her.

Steve has had fun with the boys, they have put the pool up on our patio and played in it:) filling it up at 10 at night:) Now for a game of Dominoes tonight, Max is beating Steve and Steve is saying this is just not right!

Blake is out for the night, he was so so tired, and he gets up so so early!  In the morning we have signs and pics to take so they can go with us:)  We sure miss them and Mark did not get any jobs in this area, so they will be in Van Buren till God brings them closer. 
I have gotten so hot Monday and Tuesday, felt nauseated, I do not like sweating but I have been, feels good to get home by 5pm today and just be home!  Tomorrow will not be as hard of a day, hope to enjoy doing somthing fun with the boys before we take them back Thursday, may have to go to Alicia's and swim:) after we finish working.

Well I hope all is well with your family, remember to keep Gavin in your prayer's, he has had so much pain with his eye and headaches:(  Remember to keep the Ezell family in your prayers...hugs and nite

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To die is to gain

Where oh where is your sting?  death..........

Death for sure has a sting but it is for those left on this earth and it is temporary.  Denny left this life as we know it, at the age of 32, leaving his wife and four babies.  Leaving a grieving mother, father, step father, brother, grand mother and so many many friends.  It is hard to believe when someone is so full of life to see them so  lifeless in the casket.  So unreal....................................Death where is your sting????????????????????

I was talking to Steve,  talking about the bible saying to die is to gain, I do not even have a glimpse of, we are not of this world, but of the one to come, as a believer in Jesus Christ, I think so much about every day life here on this earth, we get so caught up in so many things that will not even matter when death comes to us.  Of course we are on this earth and we do have to persevere here, but on the thought of death, its does not have a sting for the believer, for once dead your present with the Lord, Denny was in Heaven doing what he loved worshipping the Lord, singing with the angles, dancing on streets of gold...........but those on earth were in shock, grieving, barley putting one foot before the other one..........his family wondering how will I go on?  His mother saying, I can not do this Linda............his daughter's and son's and wife, here with out him...............I do not have any answers, I pray I will never know this pain first hand, death is final, no do overs, no saying I am sorry to someone you have hurt, we have no promise of tomorrow, but we do have a bright hope and promise for our future, Jesus says He will come again, he is preparing a place for us, we will all be together again,  until then we have memories, laughs, tears for Denny in our hearts. You know the people you have been upset with, you think you will still be upset in Heaven? or will you have a different perspective?  Life can be ever so short here on this earth for family squabbles, broken friend ships, spouse problems, I urge you therefore to make peace with each other the ones you love and love you, we need each other in this life, make time to refresh friendships, play with your children, grand babies, mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, aunts, uncle's........life is just to short not to have those special people in your life know you love them, would you have regrets if someone past today?  If so take time to make it right...no regrets:)  Denny had so many people his life touched, so many stories to be only 32, he had a church full for his service in Pine, La. where is was a children's pastor, he had over 500 for his memorial service here in NLR, his motto was "love like Jesus loves."..........and he did................he will be  missed by all, but he has left his mark on our hearts, I am forever changed by his death.  I pray the sting will get better for his sweet family, God is a father to the fatherless, a husband to the widow, the only way I told Denny's mother I knew she could get through this is because I have seen others endure the loss of a child and they are still putting one foot before the other with God's fresh mercy and grace that is new every morning. 

God hath not promised skies always blue;
Flower strewn pathways all our lives through:
God hath not promised Sun with rain:
joy with our sorrow,
peace without pain.
God hath promised strength for the day;
light for the way;
grace for the trails,
help from above,
unfailing sympathy, enduring love.

This blog is not intended to be depressing, but thankful for a life that touched so many, in so many ways, Denny was his own person, He walked to his own tune, and now we see, He walked to God's tune........................made mistakes, failed, but was a very successful man of God and father, husband, son, friend, brother...................I just pray I can love people the way Denny did, red or yellow black or white, they are precious in His sight.........................................LOVE LIKE JESUS LOVES........

Thursday, July 19, 2012

His mercies are new every morning

Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace, my tongue has be put on probation after Monday:) God gave me mercy with my sellers, and has totally had me jumping in this busy market, I have listed four homes since Tuesday, this is Wednesday at midnight:) Its been 14+ hour work days for me, I have hired three new agents, taught class, shown property, closed loans...etc....but today I got to spend some time with mother, she is doing well, still is not stable on her feet to walk alone anymore, I am beginning to realize she may not come home.  I am not ok with that yet, but am working though it. I propped her feet up and I laid in the bed:) we just talked and played with her baby:) she was happy:)

ok I do not know how to turn it right:(

 my sweet mother:)

night and hugs

Monday, July 16, 2012

Open mouth insert foot

Today started with me barley awake getting a text and responding to it, in the response I sent it to a Realtor, and my seller, in which I offended the seller, I said they were hard to please, which is not exactly what I meant but for lack of thinking did, they are not hard to please, I just felt like I did not please them, with their text they had sent me the day before.  Then on several emails I sent today, work related they went to a lady at a title company too,  one I do not know very well and do not do much business with, her name got added to mine, then I got a text whom I thought was a seller that her home was open  Sunday ( keep in mind I had five open Sunday) and she ask did anyone think the house was to high, I said yes, she said what???? we just lowered the price and you said it was good, in between text with me totally thinking it is a different seller, I do a CMA and email it to them so they will see we need to lower the price, then I think forget text, let me call it, it was a totally different seller that I thought I was talking to!  I text some feed back showing to my sellers and sent it to the showing agent.......just one of those days, between text and emails, I just thought I do not need to text at all today or email, even sent feed back on showings to one of my sellers and had wrong email same name.......go figure....if none of this makes sense do not worry it does not make sense to me either. 

All I know is I need to be careful what I say, do and hear, text, email, with all that said I have spoke to over 52 people today  that I can remember, closed a loan, listed a home, took care of  some of mother's needs, had a 1.5 hour class with my new agent on contracts, came home at 6:30 only to need to go and unlock a home for a buyer.................totally mentally exhausted, still have one more phone call with seller I offended, which was my fault totally, all I can do at this point is ask forgiveness and learn from my mistakes:)

all in all had 86 emails, not sure how many phone calls and text,  whew no wonder I am so crazy today:) but I do love my job and strive to be one of the Top and best agents in Arkansas. 

God had mercy on Steve today and had him working in our home office and showing property:I know I would of been short fused with him :(  Got so disappointed in my self for all the mistakes, but letting it go, tomorrow is a new day, all in all none of this will matter when we are all called up yonder! When the roll is called up yonder I will be there:) God may have me under a gag order but I know He loves me:)  His mercy is fresh every morning so I am depending on that, tomorrow will not be as busy as today was, I did get a lot done:) My sweet friend bought me and Steve pizza to eat for dinner with the tomato salad I had made and it was sooooo good.  hugs and night

If your wondering if I have lost my mind, the answer is yes:)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Had a great week

Birthday dinner, 59 and still spilt something on my shirt:) those who know me know this is normal:)

Well I am a year older, but hanging in there:) This week has been very busy with work,  my phone decided to quit working again so I had spent about a hour at Verizon, only to find it can not be fixed, this is my second new phone! UGH!  It came Saturday but need to get it programed, last time they lost everything:) Had a great Birthday week, Steve took me to dinner, had king crab legs:)  They made a special desert plate, I loved it.  Steve and I decided to nurture each other and totally focus on each other, so funny:) Made for a fun work week:) We spend so much time giving to others and putting our self's last, but not this week.  We work hard and played hard, I had not felt the best all week, took antibiotic, got better, then Friday night we stayed at Alicia's house with Sean and his babies.
Anna and Cole did night swim:)
had crawfish and shrimp scampi for dinner:)
Anytime Sean is around there is some good cooking, on Saturday he cooked this so good cabbage, ribs, chicken, and I made Lugi's tomatoes salad that you put over lettuce:)  Sean's friends Waylon and Carolyn came over, Waylon actually did the grilling:)    Had boudine too:)                                                        Wrote a offer Saturday, showed property, then was in bed by nine reading my new book, I am reading, While I still can, it is written by Rick Phelps he has Alzheimer's.  It such a good book, gives me so much insight into mother, I have read and studied so much on this disease.  Speaking of mother she has adjusted good, she is happier and settled, loves her room, I took her a new baby today, it is laughing/smiling real big, she loved it.as you can see mother's feet are swollen:) we prop them daily, they go down at night, it is from being in a sitting position all day, but she cannot walk on her on at this time, she can a few steps but is real wobbly:(  Today I got to visit for a long time, I loved it, I made a video of her and her baby,she just loved its smile, it has teeth, real big smile, it really sweet to watch her talk to it, but so sad too, she is very child like now.  I try to live in the moment and be ever so thankful she laughs and is happy.  My friend heather made this door hanger for mother's room, sorry pics safe side ways:(
well got a real busy work week, so going to bed:) hugs and nite

Monday, July 9, 2012

If I perish, I perish

Now that I have your attention, this blog is on child rearing, and the title is perfect! Many times you will feel like this is too hard, it hurts too much, totally overwhelmed!

I had a young mother ask me to blog on raising my children, I first laughed inside, if she only knew, but then took the thought more serious with my own children raising my Grand babies, how did I do it?  How did I live through it? More important how did they live through it?  Would I change anything now?  YES!

I have six grown children and 15 grand children, my children are all different except for one thing, they know about how faithful their God is, they were taught the ways of the Lord in my life and now in theirs. We as children and adults learn by example.

I had Alicia when I was 19, then had Sean at 21, then Alex at 23, now in this blog do not go by exact dates because I am 59 today, it is hard to remember the exacts.  I was a young mother and very overwhelmed with parenthood, Alicia was like a toy to me, I adored her, learned on her, I was way to strict with her, if I could go back and undo things it would be how strict I was with my children, I was taught kids are to be seen not heard, that they are a reflection of their parent, in some ways they are, but your children are their own selves, let them be them. Let them be heard, never hush a child up in expressing them self, UNLESS it is with disrespect to authority. I see so many parents ignore their children or totally over react, when we over react we wound a child's spirit, been there done that many times, then it is hard to heal, if you continue to do it to the child that will shut down from you, just as you do from people who wound you.  Then you do have a problem, they will act out in bad behavior, because deep down they need your approval at a young age to know they are ok.  Most children are so forgiving. Now on being your reflection, I pray you get that right out of your mind, our children will be who they are and do some things that will make you look really bad as a parent, but the best advice on that is, only perfect children have perfect parents, only perfect parents have perfect children, so you see no one is perfect in this thing called parent hood. I remember a person going to get out of the ministry due to the fact their child was getting a divorce, made them look like less of a parent, glad they thought that one through, still in ministry today and very anointed and called by God. You as a mother do set and example to your children, but they do not always follow it.  I have always told my children that I am trusting God to heal them of my mistakes just as He  healed me of my childhood. 
With Sean I can so see so many mistakes on my part and his, if I could do one thing over it would be NEVER ask was he good when someone kept him, he learned that I expected him to be bad, mistake on my part, if you have a child that is a challenge then use praise with them, do not say they are a brat, or what did he do this time, or was he bad????? Yes he will be all those things IF he continues to hear that, he will believe that about him self.  My precious Sean struggles today with self image, he has come along way in finding who he is, how wonderful he is as a person, but if I ask him today he would say his brothers were the good ones,  our children are so different, each has to be met at their place of identity. It is so hard to have a child that is strong willed and walks the line all the time, to test you by putting one toe over and look at you as they do it.  If I could go back in time I would for sure pick my battles, if possible I would not over react because I was tired or having a bad day, I would let a lot of things slide, I now understand the importance in picking your battles.  I used so much of my energy wanting to be the perfect mother and have perfect children, I made them a nervous wreck, if you want  your children to be well rounded then you be, laugh when needed at your self and them, teach them about grace when they do something and you should correct them, if its been a hard day, then it is the perfect time to say, you deserve to be corrected and punished, but I can see this is not your heart to act this way, just as God sees our heart, even though you need punished, I am going to say lets forget and forgive this and start over, this is what God does for us when He died on the cross for the things we do bad........hug and pray............you will see the day change for you.  When a child is aways being corrected they will rebel, just as you would if your boss was always on you for something, watching every move you make....its our sin nature to want to rebel.  As a parent you may think you can get that out of them but that is a work of the Holy Spirit, YOU PRAY, you will realize this when you spank over and over for the same thing, that battle belongs to the Lord,  it may be better to stop and pray instead of that fourth spanking, You be diligent, be consistent, so your children will not walk on egg shells and be a nervous wreck.  I did not learn this till April came a long, I was a screamer with my children, wish I wasn't but I was, I think it released stress in me, not sure why I was and I hated it, I remember at a conference one time God touching me so strongly, after that the screaming was gone,  I was calmer as a mother in that area:)  Alex was a easy baby and child, although I did shed some tears in raising him, he was always a thinker so if he did do something wrong he had decided it was worth it, because he was always so easy, I failed to see when he was in need of correction a lot of times, I over corrected the others on his behalf.  It is easy to focus on the one who causes the most problems, which is the worst thing for that child.  Hannah and Jared were raised different, I had matured as a parent, I was not near as strict, thank the Lord I had about stressed my self to the max in that area, let your children be children, remember their attention span when young it is about their age limit, so do not ground them all day when they are two or three, this only sets you up for heat break and failure, they WILL forget and you will be correcting them all day......would you want that?  If they are under five years old, then maybe 30 minutes is adequate for a five year old to be in trouble.  When we make decisions out of our adult mind we only hurt our self's, set our children up to fail, I have been taught it is our will against theirs, so not true to me, if your in this battle with your child then you will bull dog them into obedience you will will always win when they are children, you are bigger!  It is us being consistent with them, if you say it, do it, not next time they do it, do it now, they will learn not to push you until you are red in the face coming at them, or hollering at them, they will respond the first time.  I learned this when Sean went to the ranch to live, children need to know your response time, keep it the same every time, if you are too tired and exasperated to do this, then time your self out, do this by having the child play in their room and you getting alone with you.  When this will not work is when the parent is on overload, anyone on overload will take it out on those around them, first cause you need a mommy break, do not feel guilty, take it, the best mother is one who will take care of her self so she can be the mother she needs to be, I had a friend and we took each others children for the day, so the other could have from 9-4 without children, we did this one day a week, this way the children played with others but in a familiar setting, it was hard sometimes, my friend had twins, but Hannah and Jared were like twins, just on that day have it planned out like your running a day care, then totally enjoy your day off!  April was raised totally different, I say its because the others wore me down, I could see things as I do now with my grand babies, the house was not that important,it is a reflection on me but who cares???  Who cares if her clothes are not perfect and her hair is not perfect and she is not perfect in public!  I finally got the picture of raising children, let them be who they are, enjoy their personality instead of shutting it down, April did not get many spankings, she did not get corrected when she spilt her milk, I realized it was a accident, I did not scream  I told you that would happen! Now clean it up!!! as I huffed and puffed and let it totally make me a wreck, really over spilt milk????? So how did I change?   I guess by realizing what is important in my children's lives, the most important is my relationship with each of them, for them to always know how much I love them no matter what my come and what my go, I am always proud of them, not some of the things they do sometimes, but of who they are and who they are becoming.  Some how in spite of me, I have had to ask for forgiveness many times from my children God has been faithful to His promise to me, in raising   them the best I knew in the ways of the Lord, once I knew the Lord, ( 1976)  before that was another blog:(   Best advice I can give, is will it matter a year from now, if so its worth correcting?  I never put up with a sassy mouth, or disrespect, still don't:) BUT if I were to correct it today it would be in a different way:) I guess look at how you respond to correction, then treat them as you wanted to be treated as a child.  All children longed for the approval of their parents, they need it to validate they are ok in who they are, if they get it they grow into self confident teens, not being swayed to and fro with so many decisions they are faced with. At the end of the day it sums up like this, if this was a trying day for you as a mother why?   If you have been on your children all day long, why?  Make sure you pick your battles, if they are totally pushing every button then please take a break, they need it you need it, tomorrow will be a better day:) The next best advice I know is you cannot go back and undo things, you can trust the Lord to heal you and them, you can make things right if you have hurt them, children are so forgiving, UNTIL you continue to wound them, then they will grow up as teens, you will not have the closeness you did and will wonder why, what is wrong with them, well, think it though, would you want to be your friend? I know as mothers we are told we are not their friend but their mother, which is true, but you will always want that friendship as they gown older, that they feel safe in confiding in you, they want to come home from a date and lay in bed with you and talk about it all, or a party they have been to, if you want open communication with your children as they grow into teens then you have to earn it when their young. I had lost some with Alicia when she was a teen and Gary Smally on focus on the Family suggested when this happens to let them know they can tell you anything and will not be corrected, this lets them confess their sins, bring it all to the light so Satan will not have a hold on them in darkness.....my sweet Alica got the legal pad out:)  I had her write down anything that she needed to tell me or that was bothering her, there would be NO correction, even though as I read it I thought I have to correct this, I did not correct any of it, prayed with her, I then knew how to pray for her and her struggles, she was free. this made a big difference, you will know you child better when you do this and they will confide in you. Our battle is the Lord's, you can think it is your parenting that helps them be who they are, that they got saved as a child because you took them to church, prayed with them, which is all good BUT God does not have Grand Children, your child belongs to HIM, he saves them, convicts them, gives them the strength to walk away when needed, they will learn by their mistakes just as you did, and God will be faithful to you as He is to them. The very best thing you can do for your child is always respect their father,  show affection to their father in front of them,do not discuss his faults with them ( hard one)  let them know you struggle to be good too,  if your a single parent, same applies, I know in divorce things are said about each spouse, you will do your self a big favor in letting your child be secure if you do not let your child in on your pain in the divorce, they are children their daddy hung the moon and their mother is the best so let them feel that security.  EVEN when the parent did not hang the moon and is not the best:)  Let your children know when their is a struggle, pray about it, then they will see God answer their prayers, this needs to be age appropriate.  Do not let your child hood hang ups pass down to your children, let them develop their own:)  All in all your a good mother wanting to be the best, best way you can do that is take care of you, if your not taken care of you have nothing to give and motherhood is a hard job, takes it all out of you some days, I remember the days, still have them just in a different way:) Enjoy your babies, laugh, dance, play, they grow up way too soon! This blog is not meant to correct you or make you feel bad about your self, if you see areas of change that needs to be made ask the Lord to help you, He will, He loves you just like you are, if you need encouragement call me, once you hear how I failed so many times you will feel good about your self! I had friends say they had a bad day would call we would talk they would say I feel so much better about my day since I heard yours:)  We are not perfect and will make mistakes in rearing our babies, one thing to hang onto LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!!!  I hang onto that cause I sure love all my babies!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Fourth and Fun

Had Mark and Hannah come with the babies on Tuesday night, they stayed for the fourth, we all went to Alicia and Bob's for a a family pool party, had all there but Sean and Cole and we missed them. We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs, pot luck style dinner with home made ice cream:) That morning Anna and I went to see mother, she is doing ok, but tearful more then I am use too, she cried when we were going to leave, but quit and was ok, she tries so hard to be strong, it is just so hard, will be glad when she adjust.  I am not sure I can leave her there if she doesn't, once she is stronger I will bring her back home, I am giving it time ( which is so hard) to let her get her therapy, then if she does not fit in and feel more comfortable, she will come back here.  I will have to get new caregivers probably, Connie has not got a job yet, she has not felt well her self, so maybe she will still be around:) if mother comes back here to live.

Olivia stayed here with us, so she is working with me:) and is it ever so HOT, this heat is killing me when I have to be in it, I can not even breath sometimes it is so steamy hot.  Yesterday I think even in the water I got too hot, was so tired.  Last night Alicia and I and Heather went to see Media movie, it was funny and got my mind off mother:)

 April and Luke and Sydney
 Pool Day
Sydney's first swim

 Trying to get a cousins photo, missing Cole and Luke

My sweet Alicia

Not sure what the rest of the week holds for us, hope to sell some homes :)  I had a deal close and then fall out because the buyer's wife would not sign off on the loan, it is for sure a blow to the seller and a hit on my income:((( maybe it will all come about at a later date.
All in all things are going ok, had a wonderful family time, Mcgill's left today will be back Saturday for the night, by then they should know for sure if they are moving back to Conway:))  It looks real positive for that:) Sean is hanging in there, he is getting a divorce from Sarah, their marriage is not working out like he thought it would, but he is not as depressed as he was and doing good.  April is loving her job, working nights and getting rave reviews from patients and staff:)  So all is well in the Averitt neck of the woods:)  As for me I am not as down as I was when I left mother at the hospital but I am not settled in all of this either with leaving her at nursing home, I will be, if she is happy, then I can be happy so pray she likes it there and is happy:)


Cole was not there, and Luke was sleeping:))) Such Fun!!!Love all my babies!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh what a day, it went well.

What a busy day, I have juggled work appointemnts all day between getting mother out of UAMS and taking her to Lakewood Plaza.  Mother has done very good, she liked her room, we worked hard bringing in her things to make it feel like home to her, she said she loved it and might live there with us:))) After getting her settled, I had to go to work, Kay stayed and ate with her, getting her ready for the night:)  Pray all goes well and she likes it here at Lakewood Plaza, that she will get stronger and walk the best she can, to regain some of the skills she had before going into UAMS.
 sitting looking everything over:) in her room
 seeing the birds
 her bed
 one of her pics that was here at home, she always looks at it in the mornings, getting a deal made for her door, that say's Jean's Room:)
 Looking at the flowers and vase, saying it is so pretty, these were in her room at home
 The kind of birds here
 Bird House ( inside )

Mother's pic of The Brow on Signal Mtn. and the W, where she grew up
The flowers she was looking at:)  she has a front room with windows looking out to the parking lot and McCain Blvd.  Her address is  Jean Najacht  2323 McCain Blvd. NLR AR 72116 room 105

Still not easy but trusting believing knowing that Mother is in God's hands and He cares for her as He does for us all, I realize it will take her some time to settle in, so far so good:) Thanks for all your prayers. hugs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garment of Prasie for the spirit of heaviness

As you all know this has been a hard time for me, have felt defeated, depressed, hopeless, at times, then would pull out of it and know I can trust the Lord, you have heard me feel sorry for my self, to being proud of what has come about, and try to figure out the next day. With that said today I was dreading going to the nursing home to fix Mother's room, I was meeting my sister there, last night while shopping for things needed, it was all I could not not to cry in Target, just knowing I am getting things for mother to be in a nursing home, not in my plans..............this morning, I made my self go to church, so thankful I did the worship just totally reminded me God has a Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness........, then the msg. spoke to me in several ways......when I left I had a Garment of Praise....and you know what???? The day went great, not to say it was not hard, it is a nursing home, a lady was in her bed, moaning loudly the whole time we were there, ladies were in wheel chairs all in the hall way, one had food on her shirt:( she was trying to clean her self. BUT I had total peace and confidence in the Lord. Kay and I made her room pretty, she will love it, I will take pics tomorrow:) I know I will still feel sorry for myself, have pity parties, cry and feel defeated, but I pray I can remember to trade it for a Garment of Praise! Will for sure keep praise music on all the time, had forgot that:(

On Friday Steve and I had the honor to keep Alex and Jill's girls, Sydney is such a good baby, never cries and sleeps so good, she is a happy baby, Amelia just entertains her self with all her babies, bears and animals, she is just too funny, we played so much, Steve and I both could hardly move this am, my legs were so sore from getting up and down off the floor, I have to get in better shape:)

I had a great open house today, I had a feature ad and had 50-60 people there, Steve and I never had a minute without someone there, hope some of the interested people will make a offer. I have a deal that needs prayers, it closed Thursday, the buyer's going be ex wife was to sign a quit claim deed, if she does not sign by am, the loan will be denied and unclose...this has never happed before in my career, so pray, pray,pray, she had said she would sign so her husband, going to be ex closed. They are both attorneys. My seller is so upset and I am too, so pray it all works out. This part about my job is not fun:( plus my seller is out of the country for a week....so I got to get this all figured out.

After decorating mother's room came home to find my Averitt Girls all home, they have been gone two weeks! Jenn went to her family and has had a great time with them all, I am glad they are home, when I drove in I went straight to their house ( next door) to love on them, they came home with me till Jenn got dinner ready:) Sean had cooked a feast today and sent us fried chicken, black eyed peas, taters, squash, corn bread, turnip greens...whhhooooo whheeeeee! He is a good cook! Actually better then me, and I love to cook!
So ready to get mother out of hospital tomorrow, cannot wait for her to see her room, only thing better would be bringing her home, but I know she has to be there for now, I could not care for her how she is right now. So pray she adjust there and loves it:) It is the same place Steve's sister Susie was at, its a nice place, but a nursing home. Mother's brother John Elmer Simons past away this week, made me so sad but so grateful we went down there last summer, have some good memories. His Memorial service is July 8th, I have thought about going but just not sure, it in Signal Mtn. Tn.

Hannah and Mark are coming Tuesday night till Thursday, so excited for them to come, they will stay with me this time instead of Sean, so I will get to see my Mcgill babies:) looking forward to that, we are going to Alicia's for a pool party on the 4th, cooking out and having home made ice cream:) yum yum!

Keep Steve in your prayers, his lower back is not right, he moved some chairs at church, then just having a different chair at Jill and Alex's and probably playing with Amelia on the floor was not the best thing he could of done, at the time you do not know, but he knew today, he actually had to get his cane out to walk this am:( which means I had to put out all my own open house signs and carry all mother's things for her room:) I told him he needed to get better quick, on a serious note remember to pray for him:) We said we are just getting old.....and we are, but we need in better shape, working on that. Thought of doing boot camp again but I am not sure I would survive in this heat, its all I can do to show property in it. I bout died today putting out signs, by the time I got to open house I was sweaty:((( and I do not like to sweat:) Well best go get in bed, Steve had already gone to bed early, nite and hugs...looking forward to tomorrow!