Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowy Wednesday

Steve had just about put her face in the cake:)
This is him thinking about putting fer face in the cake:)

well as you see, I did not rotate the pic....sry, her embarrassed face:)

Snow at our condos in Branson

It did snow! Today has been a totally lazy day, we had planned to go to Ozark for Susie's memorial, with the snow and the streets are to be Ice tonight we made the decision not to go, we have mixed emotions about that decision, we want to be there to be with the family, but with Steve's back like it is, it would be hard to drive 3 1/2 hrs. and turn around and drive back, plus the roads are bad and he would be tense driving in this weather, so we decided not to go. I had said before we had our special time with Susie, so we are OK in not going, just miss the family bonding time and the celebration of her life.
I am in my PJ'S with the snow we have been in all day, Bob is taking the kids swimming in the indoor pool, this would be a good day for a massage:)) but I have totally been a slug, and I am getting ready to take a winter nap:) I have so needed this time of rest, it has been such a blessing. April sleeps till she wakes up, which was 2ish today, I slept till 10:30! That is major for me, I am finally slowing down inside:) We had a great day yesterday, we went to the Landing and it is so neat, it is full of shops and restaurants, we ate at Joe's crab shack, they sang Happy Birthday to April, she had to do the hula dance, if she quit dancing they quit singing and would start all over, once she got past being embarrassed she got into the swing of the dance!! Making wonderful memories! I love these times! Hugs and have a great day!

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