Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Flys

Can you believe it is the end of Septemebr 2010!!! The time is just flying by for me, this week has been fun and full as you well know with my grandgirls, Jenn and Jared got home today and miss Mikka was happy to see her momma, Jenn may not get to sit her down:) They took Steve and I to Benihannia's tonight:) sooooooo good!! Then I went and showed Gristmill, mother's house, I do think I will sell it to this young man:)) April took mother to the Dr. today, they put her on a antibiotic and dose pac, it is a bite of some sort and it looks angry, but is better. Mother and April went to the mall then came home, the weather has been beautiful today and they had a good day in being out, tomorrow mother is to get her hair fixed but has said she just thinks she will wait:) April just called me and mother had step on and killed a scorpion.....UGH!!!!! Lord help, I will call the exterminator first thing tomorrow! It is always something:(((( but we will for sure get rid of any bugs:))) or critters:))

Well I am tired, I have a full day tomorrow with work and then step study, the best things about grand babies is when you are tired you can give the babies to the parents and get the rest you need, when your the parent you get rest when ever you can...if you can:) Today brought back memories of when my were small, just a good day with the babies::)))

whoooo whoooo....October looks like it will be over a million in closed deals for me:))

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some fun days:)

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Smith:)))
Colin and Kay, remarried Sept. 25th, 45 years after their first date:) They are on honey moon in Panama City Beach Florida:)))

Sunday Steve and I took our three Averitt sisters:) until Tuesday evening, Jared and Jenn went to St. Louis to see a game and have some we time:) Sunday afternoon we took the girls to mother's, they played and played, mother loved it, she loved holding Mikka:) I told Steve make no plans except to help me:) I had thought we would go to the zoo today, BUT as business usually goes, I got three offers to work:) which is a good thing, My sweetie said he could handle it, and handle it he did, I was so impressed with him:) I had put on a pot of veg beef soup before I left, he had all things picked up, Mikka feed and down for a afternoon nap and the girls ready to eat lunch:)) then we all laid down for a bit:) This has had so many sweet time, you do not get unless you just have them with you, the first was when we got in the car Sunday to go to the church, a song was on the CD, here we come to worship and the girls were singing it every so sweetly, I figured the Lord had the angles hush so they could all hear them, it was the most sweetest singing you have ever heard and they knew the words:)) Today in Krogers Peyton was just singing step by step you will lead me and I will follow you all of my days, its just so refreshing to hear them sing songs that is scripture and will be in the little hearts and minds for ever:)) Jared and Jenn have done so well in raising them, they are so obedient, they are so smart, Laila lets nothing get by her, she has a answer for everything and is really smart, not just saying that, mean it:)) I love having my babies spend some time with us, we know them and they us and they bond with us, Mikka cried when I walked out of the room :))) but today bonded with her daddygrand:)) she is crawling every where and sits up real good:)) she has been perfect:) they all have:) well so much for a doting Nana:)

Some thing bit mother on the ankle and it looks bad, she will need to go to the Dr. tomorrow and have it checked out, its never easy chainging her schedule, so I hope they see her in the afternoon:) Girls need me to come and lay with them, so duty calls:) hugs and nite

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hummmmm........God's Anger

Today at morning service as the Pastor was ending the service he prayed for people to know Christ, he stated something to this effect, that God is angry and wants you to know Him as your loving Father, now these were not his exact words, but it threw me some, I for one have never known God as angry, but I know most people see Him as angry, I have all reason too, my daddy was a hell raiser, just burst out in anger most of the time, I do no ever remember him controlling his anger, so as the Pastor prayed, I ask God to show me what he meant by what he was saying, Are you ANGRY God? I know there are two kinds of anger, good anger that protects us, helps us and bad anger that we need to learn coping skills for, but this morning it was so neat, several years back, I had watched a story on James Robinson and his wife Betty, they were feeding the orphans, I felt over come with anguish, got in the floor on my knees and cried and begged God for those children to be fed and cared for, my heart hurt, I was angry that they had to live that way and we have it so good here, I was angry for their poverty and was in anguish over them, this is what God showed me His anger is over you and I, yes, He is angry but not in a unhealthy way but a righteous way, He is angry when He cannot get to us, His desire is to draw His children to Him, He paid the ultimate price to be able to do that, so after the Lord spoke this to my heart, I could understand what Pastor Scott meant, Yes, it makes Him angry that we are separated from Him, He desires us to be one with Him and walk in His Glory, as I said in the earlier post, God's Glory dwells in His people, its so easy to miss it sometimes, esp. when we look at our selves. So know that when we are not walking with Him, He is in anguish and has a anger that will last until we return to Him.....Thank you Lord that you NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US. THAT YOU HOLD ON TO OUR HAND. BECAUSE I WOULD LET GO.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

God's Glory

This morning I am up and getting ready to go to the Fun Fest at Mercy Cross, but the Lord has laid something on my heart to share on my blog, so I am doing that first:)

A few years back we were at the Grand Canon and I was marveled at the depth and the array of colors you could see in the rocks, as the sun shone brilliantly against the canon, the rays made the rocks and cliff side in the canon so many different colors, and the Colorado river ran through the bottom of the canon, it was breath taking with beauty. I thought, Gosh Lord this is so pretty this must be where your Glory dwells, we sand a song in church about where God's Glory dwells and wanting to know and see it, so I knew this must be some splendor of His Glory. As I was driving down the freeway in all the traffic, that song came on the CD, I was singing it and asking God to show me His Glory and where it dwelt, that I would be able to really see it, when I did I saw a street person riding a old torn down bike, the person was so ragged, unclean, needing some grooming and God spoke so clearly to me, Linda, this is where my Glory dwells, it dwells in my people. I was so taken back I started crying, I had thought it was in the beauty of the canon, but my ways or so different from the Lord, He told me it was in His people, so if you, as I want to see God's Majesty and beauty look for it inside you and inside the person you meet today, that is where it is:))) As I go to the fun fest today I was see so many different forms of God's Glory in His people, let the world see God's Glory in you:) Another thought from my son's preaching I wanted to share that has been thought provoking but will be for a letter post. "Good things in life can be the enemy to the Best things in life." Hugs have a great day, if your near Sherwood come by the fun fest on Kiehl, and let your light shine!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Kitchen and fall:)

Our shower I had told you about but never took pics, since I am recuperating I have nothing else to do and finally off pain pills where when I am awake I can do things:))))) Its easy for me to understand how people get addicted to pain pills, they do make you feel pretty good:) only they put me to sleep and I do not like the drugged feeling but I did not hurt and for sure did not worry about anything:)))

This is the 4 x4 shower we had finished out for Father's day:) my dear friend Joey Brewer who is a builder and the best tile man I know helped me out on this:)
I did have shampoo on the little shelves but my dear friend Pam Richy can not stand to see that so I took it all off:)) but normally I have my shelf and Steve has his:) its fro sure s two person shower:))) tee hee

It has shower heads on each wall and a hand held shower head, a seat to sit on, it is wonder fro water to hit your back and front at the same time, just so relaxing and tingling:) It was for Steve but I love it too!

My plate that I just love, it says it all

My fall table:) I love candles and the smell of fall:)

I love my big Kitchen, I have had huge homes, with acreage,tennis courts, pool, pond, horses,etc., but my favorite home is the little one I am in now, it is me, I love my big window:) we had to cut it all out and make it:) matter of fact we had to take this house down to the studs:( but I am grateful we did, because it is home to me and I am content, not to big and not to small just homey:) Home really is where your heart it:))

Remember when I blogged about plans changing? Well this week they for sure have changed for me:) I had a dentist appointment on Monday to get a cap put back on, I had a root canal on my lower tooth, I knew it needed to come out it had broke off and was infected, I started antibiotics on Friday and went to dentist on Monday, to get cap on and then see about jaw tooth, thinking I would go to oral surgeon to get it out since it was broke off, well while putting on my cap the Dentist said you want me to pull that tooth, I said sure, now I had just wrote a offer on a home I have listed and had called the seller and told them I would be there as soon as I was though at the dentist, so as the dentist is giving me gas so he can deaden my jaw, I say I have and appointment after this, will it be ok, they say it will be ruff, so you know me I thought well no big deal, I have everything ready and I can write it out if need too:(((( I knew the seller would not want to wait on me to heal and it be better to go while my jaw is numb:) As it turned out he had to cut the pieces of the tooth out and scrap several pieces of bone, I had four stitches and left with my cap on which felt great but a mouth full of gauze, pain pills, and told to lay low for a few days for it to heal, the problem was I had not prepared to lay low, I had commitments on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday:)) I presented my offer and it was not a pretty site, it did get worked out:) then came home, the pain was starting in, I took the pain pills and kept ice on my jaw, it hurt like a booger all night, woke up hurting, took more pills, did not keep any commitments for Tuesday, pushed them back till Wednesday, on Tuesday afternoon it was better, still hurt but tolerable, then woke up wed. with it really hurting and swollen inside and out, I called the dentist and went in, he opened it and packed it and gave a stronger antibiotic, took pain pills all day, I did got to meeting wed nite, just did not talk hardly, it hurt for my tongue to move, the steroids he put me on for swelling makes me want to eat like a cow! So Thursday Steve started showing property for me and making my appointments:) I began to feel better, I went to Thursday night meeting mainly to hear my sister share, which we ran out of time and she did not share, if I had realized that I would of stayed home since I did not feel well but wanted to support her, my jaw hurts if I talk a lot but is so much better today, still uncomfortable at times but much much better!! I did decorate my kitchen yesterday and home for fall, it is so hard for me to be still, I hate it, but if I do too much my mouth hurts:(( I have ate like a horse and I am sure gained some pds. so I will have to really get my butt back on track and walk and eat right asap:) I love my kitchen, I made a small pot of chili for tonight, so weird not cooking for a army, just me and Steve:) I took some pics of my fall table, hope you enjoy, I am about ready to put Christmas out, but first decided to have some fall, now if they weather will cooperate! Mother is have a good week, I have not seen her much due to being zonked out on pain meds, hope to see her some this weekend, Kay gets married tomorrow to Colin, so exciting to see what God can do! Then they are off for a much needed honey moon which they never had to began with:) Tomorrow is fun fest at church which I am to help with then I will have Jared and Jenn's girls while they have a three day stay in ST. Louis, I am sure Jenn is nervous about leaving the baby that long but they need it, it makes you better parents to have that time with each other:) I told Steve make no plans:) we will both have our hands full, If it is nice Monday we will get mother and April and all go to the Zoo, then Sunday we will all do church:))) then Tuesday I am sure I will think of something:)) Pray for my offer I talked about in this blog, I need it to work out with out any snags, it will be a big commission that will carry me through the rest of the year, take a lot of stress off me:) Hugs to all and hope your day is going good for you, hug someone and smile!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Facebook: "Strong Enough- Matthew West
Strong Enough- Matthew West

Sunday, September 19, 2010


foundation (also called a groundsill) is a structure that transfers loads to the earth. Foundations are generally broken into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations.
Tonight as we were coming home from church I looked at a bank being built, I have watched it going up, first they cleared the ground, the they excavated the dirt and compacted it for the foundation, then dug the footings, now have actually poured the concrete foundation and have steel piers coming out of it...................as I looked at it tonight, I was reminded of what it takes to have a firm foundation and what can happen to that bank IF they took any short cuts on preparing the soil and footings and pouring the concrete for the foundation, that is the strongest part of any structure, for without the foundation being strong the building will have major problems! Now, I am saying all this to share what was in my thoughts of all this, the things that happen in our life from childhood to now is what goes in on our life to ready us for our foundation, we feel some things totally cleared us out of who we thought we were, we may have big rocks of hurt and pain that get removed, we may have loose soil or sandy soil that has to be dug up and replaced with good soil, in our lives sometime we are shook to the core then a dozer comes and totally flattens us out, when we think we may not make it and life has dealt us some hard blows then the soil is compacted and we are ready for the foundation, now I believe God uses all those things in our life to prepare the soil for a strong foundation of His healing, His forgiveness, His Righteous in our life, God begins to pour the slab and make His foundation in our life, then He will erect the structures. When our life is built on our own foundation and it can be, it will crack, we will be unstable and double minded, we will desire our ways and we will build on it, only to find out that it will not stand the winds and storms that blow through our life, I can not image God not being my foundation when I was told Jared had cancer, or when My first born grandson did not make it, when I thought I could not make it any longer in my marriage, when my children had pains in their life that I could not fix, when I found out mother had Alzheimer's, when Walt past away suddenly, when my sister had a brain aneurysm, when my son went through a divorce, when I was told I had Kidney cancer and had acute pancreatitis in the hospital so sick,.......the list can go on and on and on, just as your can, with life' storms and hurts and pain. When we humbly come to God and ask Him to be in charge of our life that He is our boss and friend then He begins to use all those storms to create your firm foundation and He is the anchor to it, NOTHING that comes your way can knock you off, you may feel like it has, but all in all the foundation is there and it is holding you, I know when my niece lost her sweet Cameron in a accident, I wondered how her life could go on, how do you keep going after the death of a child? I do not know but I have seen people I love keep on putting one foot before the other, they have a firm foundation that can weather life's storms, and I have seen Susan began to rebuild her life, which tells me how faithful God is in our lives. If your walking around out there wondering what to do in situations look at your foundation, if it is shaky then its probably built on your desires and it will falter, seek the Lord and ask Him to help you build your life on Him, with Him being in total control........this is not always easy either because I like to do what Linda likes to do and that is not always what God likes for me to do, so I am praying for God to help me walk in His light, my preacher said you can not turn out darkness, which is true but you can turn up the light in your life and it will take care of any darkness:)) I actually have two preacher's in my life, Alex Averitt at Journey church and Scott Harness at Mercy Cross, not sure how that has happened but we go to both Church's and love it, Alex's meets on Sunday pm and MC On Sunday am, that is getting ready to change, Alex's is going back to Sunday am, so then MC will be at 5pm:) either way God knows what I need and for now I need them both in my life:) Anyway that was some of my thoughts on foundations, I want to be built on the solid rock of Jesus, not the sinking sand of the world and my fleshy desires:))) I love it when my mind will just start thinking about all this, the Lord speaks to me in simple ways:) hope it has spoke to you...... one other thing, my marriage has made it and is making it and I did not have Kidney cancer, but was told twice that I did:((( but its a cyst on my Kidney that is not cancer:) My sister went though surgery and is fine, my son has three daughters and a wonderful wife, God continues to answer prayers in my life and my hope is built on nothing less then Jesus Christ my Righteous, on Christ the SOLID ROCK I STAND!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The best of plans

Ever plan your day and make plans only to have them changed? That is how today has ended, but its been a Good day, woke early with the mind set to really clean my house, which I did, then Peyton came over and we went to Fred's and got a lamp for my bedroom, then a couple of pics, and then went to Kyzer's and got some huge mums ( yellow ) and pumpkins, one at my door and one for Peyton's:)) Jared and his family and Steve and the Haley's watched the Hogs win today, I took my car and cleaned it, the plants got it dirty:) then went to some different shops, which I never do and got a fall candle:) had my nails done and toes, a really pretty fall color:) We were suppose to go to a friends for a planning meeting of a fall fest that is next weekend, BUT Mr. Averitt was not feeling up to par so our plans changes, it was a Mexican potluck and I was ready for it, so when I did not go, I went to eat at Casa Mexicana with Sherry and had a tamale with chili and cheese and onions, soooooo good:)))) with some yummy fruit punch:)) Then came home and Sherry taught me how to play frontier ville on face book:) so I am going to do that, now I NEVER thought I would be doing that, but it will pass the time tonight, Steve is in bed early so its just me and Cali, my wennie dog:) I love it when the house is so clean:)) Oh yes, I slept on this wonderful pillow at Jenn's daddy's, it was a Latex pillow and I found me one at Kohl's, it was on sale and I had 30% off coupon, had to use the Kohl's charge BUT I paid the charge right when I used it:))))) I know Steve will be so proud!! He does not like me to use charge cards:( I have not gone to mother's today or talk to her, seems so weired, but I just never did get over there, tomorrow night she will go to church with us:) I am ready to get the rest of my fall pumkins and some things I have out:) Actually I had thought of just skipping it and getting Christmas out, tree and all so we can enjoy it longer, BUT this may be little too soon:)) I am getting it out the end of October, and having all my shopping done by November 15th., this is my goal and will be a first to have Christmas out that early, but when I wait till the day after Thanksgiving I do not get to enjoy it long, we usually leave the day after Christmas for a week of vacation:) so I am putting it up asap:) Well guess I go do face book, hope you had a good day!! hugs

Friday, September 17, 2010

pics to go with last blog:) my babies

My Mcgill babies, Olivia, Max, Blake
My Haley Babies, Jack, Vistoris, Alexandria
My Amelia Averitt

Jack tackleing the big man:)

My Cole man:) so cute

April Revecca Averitt 19 yrs. old

My Anna and Cole Averitt

My three Averit sisters:) Peyton, Mikka, Laila

My babies:))) love them all:))) sooooooooo much! I say my cause they are mine:)) One more McGill on the way, can not wait to hear the heart beat soon:)) I am so thankful for all my babies:)

Averitt Update :)

Well we are all doing well, to start with the oldest, Alicia and her family, Bob is doing good, he is a great dad and husband:) Alicia is striving to cook more at home meals, she is doing good at it so far, she said they spend way to much eating out:) Alexandria is a cheer leader at her school and stays so busy, Victoria is in cheer and she is staying busy with school, Jack is in foot ball and he tackles the huge boys, I will see him play this Sunday:) Sean and Sarah and Cole and Anna are doing good, I am posting a cute pic of Cole, Anna is making good grades and growing up:) Cole is a mess, he is all boy but still so sweet, Sarah is still in nursing school, Sean is doing well on his job, he has been getting a duck field ready for hunting:) Alex and Jill and Amelia are all doing well, Alex has had to travel alot with his job which he does not like,their church, Journey, is doing good, it is growing and Alex is a good preacher, Jill loves every minute of Amelia, I can not believe she will be one year old:) Amelia is crawling every where and pulling up! Hannah and Mark are good, Mark loves his job and Hannah loves living in Van Buren, Max is playing foot ball, we will have to go down and watch a game soon, Blake is doing good and so is Olivia:) they are all so cute! Jared and Jenn are doing well, Jared is working alot and I love having them next door, Jenn is painting pictures, she is so talatend! Peyton is growing up fast, she is so cute, Laila will repeat anything you say, she likes to boss, but has such a sweet little smile:) Mikka is jabbering all the time, she is doing the army crawl! April is living with Jill and Alex and Amelia, which so far is working good, April is doing ok, she is struggling with doing what she wants to do when none of the family support her decisions in some matters of her life, it is a hard time for her, but all in all she is doing ok:) Steve is doing well, he still has pain in his back and probably will never get rid of it but it is better, he is busy just keeping up with things in the house hold and mother's household:) Linda (ME) is doing well, I am still struggling in some areas and needing some peace, but I know God is faithful to me and I trust Him. I am at a open House today that is slow, glad I have my lap top! I have bout 8 pds to go to my goal weight:))) I need to began to workout again, I have been lax in that and I can tell:(((( flab,flab,flab! I am excited to get this weight off, I have lost 132pds so fad and need to lose 140 pds. I go back in forth a few pds. so got to work out and really stick to low calorie food to get this last bit off:) I have added some fattening things in my diet this past six months, like ice cream:) but I stay on top of it most of the time, its a life change fro sure:) well now you are all caught up..let me know how you and your family are doing:))

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good week

Trying to take pic with us all in it:)
Pam Richy, Edwanda Ware, Dinah Lawson, and me, not pictured is my sister friend forever Sherry Maxwell:)

I swear the week has flown by, I had such a good time with my friends, we are all so different but have such fun together, we are honest with each other and can share our hearts:)) of course we have to yell it since Ed is about half deaf, I will tip toe on that matter because I can remember when I could see without glasses, now I wear them around my neck and use them, so who knows what I will need at 78 years old:)) Pam and I are the bossy ones, the others just go along with what we say:)) Dinah is the baby cause she is the youngest:) Sherry was not in the pic she was doing something when we took this, I will have to get one with her in it too:)

Been a busy week, had the girlfriend time, then kept the Averitt girls wed. nite so Jenn could go visit her friends, Jared works late this week, I loved that, the girls played out back for a while then e watered the plants, they proceeded to get wet:) so the it was bath time, fun fun fun, then miss Mikka went to bed, she is sooooo good! Laila feel asleep on the couch beside me, she is so cute, she just cuddles so good!! Peyton stayed a wake and we watched a movie, I loved my time with them:) then today I had concealed weapons class, then worked and then went to visit mother, Alicia had taking her to lunch and shopping today, she got her some toms, that is a shoe, they looked and felt good to mother:) she is hanging in there, I do not think she is worse so maybe she is holding her own with Alzheimer's:) she is more settled, and is having a good week, she and April went and did manicures and pedicures then she went with April to walk a dog that April is caring for this week, mother enjoyed that:) it is hot here so we have to be careful that she does not get to hot, I will be so glad when it is fall:))) and cooler:)) I am excited that Kay and Colin will get married on Sept. the 25th, that is 45 years form their first date:) mother gave her her anniversary ring for her wedding band, I thought that was so special, Kay will cherish it forever:) well I am going to bed, have open house at Chenal Condos tomroow:0 hugs and nite

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today was good

The way I ended my day, used the stress/tension aroma therapy and had the daily record to read, its the real estate section:))
Walt's car that is now sold:)

I kept Amelia Saturday night while all went to root the HOGS to their victory! We were getting to rock and go to sleep, she was perfect:))) I look like a dork:(

Ok, I did get so much done today, took awhile at mother's house but it is clean and ready to be sold:) then came home and got Walt's

car on face book and Craig's list, got a offer already:))) YEA!! Then was going to cook but decided not to and went to pig and chic, then home and in the jacuzzi tub, totally relaxed, now I have prepared for my class tomorrow and for sales meeting, I do it tomorrow too, I had forgot:( but got a phone call with a reminder:) Once class is over i have some time with my dear friends, Edwanda, whom I have had you pray for, Dinah who you prayed for her grand daughter Kenedi who past away at 6weeks, my friend Sherry who you have prayed for when her husband past away two years ago this Feb., and my dear friend Pam, we all have such a bond with each other and totally different ages, Dinah is who we call baby:) of course Pam and I are the boss, and poor Sherry goes along with anything, Ed can not hear anything so she never knows whats going on:))) what a group, but we have fun and love each other:)) We do cater to Ed since she is 78 and had been so sick, I really never thought she would make it, God is faithful!! Hugs and nite!

Monday a sunny cool day here in the rock

Have so much on my mind today and so much to do today, but thought I would start by posting on my blog:))) Its a beautiful day, I opened my windows and letting the fresh air inside, my house needs cleaned, straight but not clean:( but I have to get my mother's on Gristmill done today, it is a mess from the sale and is a burden on my mind, knowing it needs to sell and knowing it needs to look the best it can look:) so I am going there this am, hope I can move when I am through, Steve is helping me get it done:) Mother is doing good, been a good week for her:) I have work to do today in real estate so I will include it in my day, then have a class to teach tomorrow on communication, so I need to get material ready for that, need to go to store and clean my car fork work, looks like I need to make a list, wish I was the type person to not bothered with these things and could just let it go and the mess not drive me crazy, but I like clean and things in order,not perfect but almost:)) Have a full week, tomorrow sales meeting, class the have some fun with my dear friends who I see all together once every four or five months for a night of fun, then work Wed. and keep the Averitt girls wed. night so Jenn can visit with some of her friends, then Concealed weapons class Thursday all day, then work on Friday, have Chenal woods condo's open that day:) so I will be ready fro a at home Saturday to clean my house and get the yard in order, glad it is cooler, I am ready to cook, in my mind only:) IN the midst of all this I have listing appointments, wish I could work Real Estate in my home work clothes instead of having to change and be professional looking:) I would probably scare some:) I have this stupid cough again and tickle in my throat, my allergies are at a all time high:((( ok so much for complaining:)) Church was good yesterday, took home a lot of nuggets that I can apply to my life, Journey church will start meeting on Sunday am at 10:00, I am so glad, I now go to Mercy Cross in am and Journey at night, so we will go to Journey in am and MC at their 5pm service, we really like both churches, seems weired but it works for us, of course our home church is Journey where my son Alex is the preacher:) we do a step study and Celebrate Recovery at Mercy Cross on wed and thur night so for now I am in church all the time, but its me and what I love, I am making new friends, hearing God's word and applying it to my life:)) so there is hope for me:))) not that I thought there wasn't but just in case you did:))) tee hee I love being a Christan and not being religious and just being me, you see what you get, I am the same, I struggle just as everyone else and know that I know that I know the Lord will pull me though and be faithful to me, even in all my chores today, Ok so I have given my self a pep talk and let you in on it:) hugs and make this a good Monday for you, I am:)))) Please keep April in your prayers, her life style is a concern to me:) and the relationship she is in with Seth and his family, just know in my heart that is not for today in her life, but have to let it go and pray, so hard when you know your child is headed down the wrong path and they can not see it, just know God will be there to pick up the pieces, He has no Grand children, April belongs to Him:) To make it clear, I like the Harris family but know this is not the place April needs to be:) and do not think she gets wise counsel from them so pray with me:) hugs again

Saturday, September 11, 2010


You know I have had some time to just think today about things, I was getting my purse out of my car on Thursday and felt a nudge to get my phone charger, I did not do it BECAUSE I thought I had packed my wall charger, when I got to where I was going, no wall charger, so needless to say I had no phone since it was dead:( Now I cannot remember when I have been without a phone, the part that worried me is if mother needed me and its my life line to business in real estate, but I did not take heed to the nudge. So many times I feel nudges, alot of the times I remember to do it and listen to the nudges, I believe they are nudges from he Holy Spirit to guide me, you know the bible states, the Lord directs our steps, I just have to listen in which I do but then it goes a step further I have to obey the nudge of the Holy Spirit. I will be glad when I always realize its not me but Him and just do it:)) Life would be so much easier:)) Then I was thinking this am about the disciples when they were in the boat with Jesus and the huge storm came, I imaged the ocean when it was in turmoil, tossing and rocking and throwing around anything in it, I can realize how the disciples were so scared, but yet Jesus was at total rest and asleep:) during this time the disciples thought they would not make it to the other side, so they began tossing their possessions over board, then Jesus awoke and told the storm to be at peace and be still, and peace came and the sea became calm, the disciples were amazed,the only problem in their fears and haste they had thrown away the things they would need, all along Jesus was right there, how many times do I do this, I find myself in life's storms and start trying to control and do things on my own, even though I know God is right there and in my life, my peace, my answers, everything I will ever need, I still will trust in my own strength till it runs out then realize Jesus is right there, he is awake and has all I need:)))) As I walk with the Lord and listen to His voice it is easier and easier to trust Him in all things:)) I just want to listen to the nudges of the Holy Spirit, I know some will think its just them or their conscience, but I know for me it is the voice of my best friend guiding me day in and day out:) So next time you hear or feel the nudge, know you have angels surrounding you and the Holy Spirit guiding and just obey the nudge:) I will to!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday and loving it

This week has been so busy but good. I am having some me time today, actually sitting up in the bed with my coffee and watching the Pres. on TV. Today should be a easy day and I am so looking forward to my dinner tonight, LOBSTER!!! yea! Just some random thoughts I am having, when I was at mother's yesterday sitting on her deck with her, she talked to me like I was just someone she should know, she ask how my family was, she ask if I liked my job, things like that, so I brought up the family and Kay so she could realize who I was, I think she did after that. Seems like each day is so different or should I say each visit, I try to go daily to see her and be with her, I dread the day she really cannot figured out who I am:((( hope that is a long time off:) so much for all that, it is hot here today and pretty, I thought of laying at the pool but decided to just stay in:) I love out doors but it is so humid.....ugh! This weekend will be full for me, I get to keep miss Amelia Saturday night which I am so looking forward to, Steve is going to Razorback game with April, so I will go to Alex's and babysit my sweetie:) Then Sunday church and I have a open house, I need it to sell, so pray with me for a buyer:) then to church at Journey. Steve and I go to Mercy Cross in am and Journey where Alex's preaches Sunday pm, they only meet in the evening. They both are great church's:)) but for today its a slow day for me, when you work weekends you take some time off during the week:) Gonna take a nap and then go eat dinner:)) yum yum!! hugs

Monday, September 6, 2010

Home again, home again

me on sugar, see how his head is even with his withers? that is how a trained horse does:))

Pappy/James walking Dollar and Peyton

me and Laila

Seems like all I do is go from here to there:) but it has been a fun filled rest full weekend, I have never been with Jenn and Jared and their girls for this long and so enjoyed it, Jenn's dad James was such a sweet host, he cooked breakfast and dinner, like good meals:)) I tried to help pick up but he had it under control. We went out on the boat two days, he lives so close it makes it so easy just to go, it was nice not to have to carry things to the boat, he had done it all before we go there:) Steve said on the way home this was the least amount of money we have ever spent on Labor Day weekend:) and he was right:)Then today we went and rode horses some, he has a pinning horse name sugar, I was a little nervous riding him because Jared and Jenn had told me how he is so trained by leg movements and I have not rode with leg movements in 38 years:)) my horse was trained like that but like I said that was a few decades ago. I did enjoy riding him, I would of loved to do some figure eights on him but stayed with cantering and trotting and walking:) did do some pivots, and backing up, you just bring in your heals and he backs up, left heel in and he goes right, right heel in and he goes left:))) By the way to all my single lady friends James is single:) I am sure he has no problems finding anyone he wants, so he would make someone a great friend:))) We are home now and I am working on material for class tomorrow and I have a listing appointment at 5pm and show a house tomorrow, oh yes, look at one at 11am:)) so its back to work for me, of course that will give me all the more reason to have a play day!! I have mothers house on top priority, I have to get it cleaned from the sale and get it sold asap, it will be open Sunday, so pray for a buyer:)) House is too tooo tooooo quiet, missing my babies but at the same time know I need to focus on work, it will feel good to come home and not have to do anything:) and get up and only get my self ready, Wed. I have CE all day, I always dread that and wait till

last minute:(((((( Our National Convention is in New Orland's, trying to decide if I need/can/want to go:) hugs to all

Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the stillness of the morning

me and Laila

me and Laila
me and Laila and Peyton

My baby Jared:)

Its Sunday morning, I am in Mt. Home with Jared and Jenn and girls and Steve, we are at her daddy's home. It has been such a relaxing time for me, at the same time hard because I am so use to being the host, you know it is easy to serve but hard to be served:) We went tot he lake yesterday, he is five minutes from Lake Norfork, which is a beautiful lake, James/Pappy has a party barge, we anchored in a cove and just enjoyed the afternoon, it would be soooooo nice tolive so close to the lake and enjoy it:) Peyton and Laila loved and I mean love the water!! Before the lake we ate lunch at North 40 which is a neat place here, been here alot of years. Then James grilled some good chicken breast and we had dinner, was going to watch the HOGS win but got to sleepy and went to bed about 7:30:)))) This morning woke to breakfast, some real homemade pancakes and sausage:) yummy!! Jenn and the girls and James have gone to walmart and Jared is asleep in the chair, Steve in the bath, Mikka asleep, so its just me sitting on the deck listening to the quiet of the morning, something about small towns have such peace. IN the quietness of the morning I can sense the Lords presence here, just really peace full:) A time to gather my thoughts for the week, I have a busy week planned, need to list a house in Oakbrook, teach a class Tuesday after our sales meeting on REO'S, banked owned property, foreclosures and short sells. It is sad to see so many people lose their homes, but it is a large part of our market now. This has been a slower year for me in Real Estate, still in the top five but barley, I will have to hoof it to stay there:) I have had so many other things come my way, I have not focused on new business but just taking care of what I have, I have just hired two new agents so will need to focus on them and get them going:) which helps me keep my focus on my work:)))Nothing like a new agents excitement!! Its contagious! Mother seems to be more settled this week, last week seems she was irritated alot, this week she is more herself:) Well going to go and enjoy this wonderful quiet time in the beauty of the outside:))) hugs and have a great day!! Hope the weather is pretty where you are and you can go out and enjoy it!! hugs

As I reflect I am thinking about what changes I want to see in me by the end of the year, one is to reach my goal weight, two is to work out on a reg. basis, three is to learn to rest and be still when I can, seems like God has been having me in places that I am not in control and have to wait, rest and receive, I like to be

the one who is in charge and the boss:) so I am learning.......to let go, enjoy not being in charge and knowing all is going to be ok with the out come, even in April moving out, that was a biggie for me:)))) I miss her, but know this is a new season in my life:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blessed beyond measure

This week has been a blurr, had a busy week but most of all have so enjoyed Blake with us, Steve said this morning he is going to miss him, he has been a daddygrand's shadow. He loves his daddygrand:) Some things that was said this week, I have some flowers on my table and when I got them Blake helped cut them and arrange them in the vase, he was captivated by them, he realized that each morning they open up more and more, one morning as he was telling me about them, I said each day as the sun shines on them they will open until they are all opened up and beautiful, just as I said it, I thought of the Son shining on us making us beautiful! Sometimes we feel closed up and ugly but it only takes some of the Son shine to open us up and make us pretty!! Then each morning I have rocked Blake when he gets up, the first morning I had to make him let me rock him and sit and talk, I tell him good things about him self and how much I love him, welllllll this morning I ask him do you want to rock with Nana or sit in your chair and he said rock with Nana!!! wow. I was just hugged all over inside, he loves the time as I do, Blake is such a loving little boy, he hugs with his whole heart when he hugs:) He is so sensitive at the same time all boy and very inquisitive, he will get into EVERYTHING he has learned this week what he can and can not do, at this point he has quit getting into things that he does not need to touch and has been a angel, he just had to learn some boundary's at Nana's house and he has, he is not getting into trouble, as he says, am I in tubble? He can tell you what he has done wrong and he knows he will get a spakin, he will say, do I get a spakn? I can't want to. Spankings are far and few between the last few days:))) and now he has this down its time to go. This has made me think of how in our own life we need boundaries, when we know what is expected of us and what we can and can not do we are happier, we learn, no don't do that or go there or this will happen and we learn that God is faithful to forgives us when we do, but it does come with the consequences of our behavior. I noticed with Blake you have to be totally consistent, your yes a yes and your no a no, this is hard because you have to quit what you are doing and tend to him to make sure he totally understands, this is how I believe God is with us, when He has said no and we do it any way, I believe you have his full attention to make sure you do not get hurt and help guide you back to where you should be, now sometimes this guidance can hurt:) God disciplines those He loves, so if your out there doing what ever you want and have no discipline in your life, ask your self is God my God? Is Jesus my Savior? Because he will not leave you boundary less, He will not leave you alone to your self, we can get hurt, so listen for His still quiet voice of love and guidance and correction, have a rocking time with Him each morning, it is such a cuddling time and starts your day off with His presence first in your mind and heart, you have had His undivided attention to your life and you will feel and know His presence in your life:)) I have learned a lot this week with having my little man Blake with me!
Hope in sharing it with you, it will bless you!! Hugs