Thursday, December 2, 2010


JesusI love this, I saw it on Face Book……..Chistmas 001My tree, Steve actually helped with the decorating of itSmileChistmas 003My sister says, a mirror had to always reflect something pretty!! 

Chistmas 005My Crazy love tree…….has ornaments from places we have been, the little snow man on top is a snorkeling snowman form Grand Cayman.

christmas tableMy table, keeping it simple, reminds me of last year when we had Christmas dinner with Mother and Walt….Kay and Colin and I, this is Walt and Alicia last ChristmasChristmas_with_Mother_and_Walt_007_thumbNot to make you sad, I am glad mother will not remember she misses him this Christmas, I sure do, Walt loved Christmas…….Have my shopping done, just need to wrap things, this is the first time in years I have it all done this early, did not make my deadline I gave my self but sure did better then previous years!! I can just enjoy family and Jesus!  April told me tonight she has set a wedding date of February 19th, I am praying she will wait, it is not the right timing for her to marry, it may be Seth but its not now, so please pray with me and for me and for April, I am leaving it at the feet of JesusSmile hugs and nite

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Alicia said...

Thank you for posting this....brings back good memories. Papa Walt LOVED Christmas. He would make (until the last year or 2) all sorts of cookies. He was German, so he had some really neat recipes. He would set up the lights and music to go together in their den and loved to play it when we came over. He and Mimi always had a BEAUTIFUL big tree. I miss those days.