Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its looking like Christmas

Today I was not nauseated but just felt weak from being sick, as the day went on felt somewhat better, Steve had brought the Christmas things in so as the day went on Steve and I began decorating Christmas..........it was a struggle for me, this is the first year that we had no children here to help, last year when April and I decorated the tree, I told her I knew it would be her last year home and we would enjoy decorating the tree together:) In the past years when all the kids were home, we had messes made, we had broken ornaments, children getting so excited that they would act crazy......just a loud but fun time:) As the years have past it has gotten more quieter and organized....this year it was totally quiet with Steve and I, we had the Christmas music and made it a sweet time for the two of us. Life is different with all our babies out of the house. I do enjoy the quietness of it and the peace, although I am always ready for my family to come and visit. Hannah and Mark will be here this weekend, Steve and Mark are hunting from what I have been told:) Tomorrow I have a lot of work ( paper work ) to catch up on, my closing that were to be tomorrow are delayed, it is so hard getting loans closed now days:( The market is slow but I am hanging in there. Well I am going to call it a night...hugs

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