Sunday, December 5, 2010


Alicia's sad face:(
Alex and Cole

The table:)

We got up and made breakfast, had the full menu:) Max did the eggs, he loves to help cook, always wants to help in the kitchen, he does a good job. Cole woke up about 7:30ish, I had just woke before him, he is just so sweet, he says, NANA...of course I was right there, we all had a good breakfast then got ready and went to church, I helped in the nursery so I missed the message, but Mark and Hannah said it was good on keeping Christ in Christmas.....then we made the mistake of deciding to go to Cracker Barrel to eat, it took almost a hour for a table and they kept saying a few more minutes, the kids played with the toys, then when we got our table it took forever and a day to get our food, the kids were all tired but did well for waiting another hour there.......guess we will not do that again with 10 people and two high chairs:)) Blake ended up getting sick.....ugh.......hope he does not have the tummy virus. Jill and Alex were going to her mothers and daddy's, so they barley had time to pack and get there in time for their church service. We came home put kids to bed, Max helped his daddygrand finish our outside Christmas decorations, he loves Steve so much and is such a big help to Steve. After the McGill's left, we picked things up and I wrapped presents, then Jared called they had just got home from Branson and The girls wanted to come and see us:)) love having them next door, so they came over and we got to visit with them some......if you ever want to feel loved just have a grand baby! They can make you feel like they just saw you for the first time in a long time each time they see you, always tell you they love you and get so excited about the little things:)) I love all my babies.

Mother had a hard time last night, she could not sleep and missed and looked for Walt, her care giver told me this today, I ask her to please call me next time, I think had I gone over it would of helped and I would of gave her a zanax so she could settle down........not sure what is going on with her but she is worrying more, like thinking she just needs to sell her home, not sure how she will make it, she is all alone......its just so hard.......April is there tonight and she sleeps in the bed with her so I bet she sleeps better, Kay comes Monday so mother will like that. I am going in the morning just to hang there some to see how she is in my own mind, she has a chapped chin and around her face, not sure why, may have to take her to Dr., so say a prayer for her to feel secure.

Have loads of work tomorrow and this week, Tuesday is our work office Christmas party, then I have a time with Sherry, Dinah, Pam for their Birthdays, looking forward to that, then work, work, work for rest of week:)) Alicia sent her pic when she found out we were at cracker Barrel, she had out of town company and they were at Gadwall's.....several have ask about April, she is doing well, she is taking the wedding dress that Doris had her get and waiting on things, all the things that were planned and done are when time comes I can help my daughter plan her own wedding and pick out the things she actually wants for her wedding. As for she and Seth they are to just be dating right now, I looked back thought old emails and had one to Seth last January and it basically said the most important thing about this is God's timing on your wedding/marriage......seems like I have said the same thing for almost a year now, sorta neat to go back and read what I wrote......I still say that is the most important thing:) I am working though my issues in all this, I know God is faithful to us:) Loved my time with April this week, the Lord really touched us all......well going to get ready for bed...hugs and nite!

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it was three high chairs.LOL