Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quiet Morning for a Tuesday:)

Normally on Tuesday I wake up running, have sales meetings,

property tour, but we have finished for the year, so no plans for this am, just home and quiet this am:) The picture of mothers tree was taken with my phone it does not do it justice;( it is black shiny and has mother's Waterford ornaments on it, with a nativity, its so striking, I will try to get a better pic with my camera:0 its a four ft. tree but perfect for her home. We saw Dr. Bradley yesterday, it is obvious mother is worse mentally with her Alzheimer's but doing great physically, we had a fun day, went to cracker barrel for lunch, laughed and talked then to dr. the back to cracker to shop and have desert, just made a day of it, mother and Kay and I loved our times, a good memory for us. It is always hard emotionally going to Dr. Kay and I both see first hand how much mother has changed for the worse, but I am so thankful she still has a great sense of humor, she makes us laugh at our self, at one time she told us she felt stupid when she can not remember, I told her she does better then Kay and I most of the time and she is not stupid just been thought so many changes it is hard to keep up........I am so thankful for her. I loved this pic of she and Kay at Thanksgiving!! Physically mother weighs between 112-115 pounds, has a little round but filled out butt and tummy:)) she looks real good, so much better then at 84 pounds! She said she did not know what she would do with out Kay and I and I do not know either, it would be so sad for her not to have family and friends, she would just be lost, I love her so much and cherish my time with her:) Today I take her with me to Foxridge Assisted living to lay bingo, I call it for them on the second Tuesday of the month, she loves to go, my friend Pam helps her play, Pam's daddy lives there. It would be so much cheaper for mother to be able to live there but she is not able to just have assisted living she needs someone 24/7. I think after Bingo we will go to red Lobster and have desert, her favorite brownie pie, she loves to go eat and just do desert:))) Well going to enjoy my quiet day, have a little work, closed a loan, so a pay day..yea!! Got a coupe more closing this month then have to kick it in gear for January:) hugs and have a fun day!

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