Friday, December 17, 2010


Yesterday was just a hard day, not sure why except a lot of emotions. I had a North Pulaski Board of Realtors lunch and meeting, we had our pic made for the pic that goes on the wall for board members, had a good lunch:) Kay had called and was really upset, on Monday when went to Dr. with mother, it was so hard on the both of us, I can not tell you how draining and hard those visits are, I think because we have to sit face to face and see that mother is worse, no denying it, she did not know her birthday, so basically cannot remember anything, I am sure when we are not around her she would ask who we were, now her memory can be jogged to knowing some things, with what all has gone on this week with Kay it was just too much. This morning I got up early,not because I wanted to, but Steve went hunting and his alarm woke me :(( so I got up and reviewed each care giver and gave them written reviews, one of them need to do some major changing or we will have to find some one else, I am looking now and interviewing so I will be prepared if we have to let her go. She can be great but just forgets who the boss is and will boss Kay and I:(( and did not handle things well on Sunday on the Deer issue:(( so pray:) I was at mother's most the after noon, she is ok, she will cry easily for her I noticed, but of course she is like the rest of us and fights it. Not sure why she is so emotional, I will go over today and just ask her how she feels again, yesterday we were watching a movie:) but when Kay and I took her to lunch she made a statement she feels stupid and almost cried.....I hate this disease!! Plus the responsibility of it all sometimes feels like too much. I have to get in a group for Alzheimer's care givers.......and will:) Last night was our office party, it was so nice, the McKimmey's had it in their home and most all came, they had the best food, piano player and sax player:)) I did not stay long but enjoyed it while I was there. Today I have some work and then hope to bake and make fudge:) Tomorrow is the Averitt Christmas, looking forward to seeing all Steve's side of the family:) Just need a less stressful day:) and going to do all I know to have one, hope you do too!! hugs

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