Friday, December 3, 2010

God Is God is God

This has been a day, I can not even blog about, it has had so many things in it, all I can say is God is faithful, when we call out to the Lord He runs and not walks to us, He is a strong tower to us and we are safe! God is also faithful to keep me in His control and I really appreciate that He did that to me today.

Now towards the end of the day I took Blake to Dr. Laura, he has the start of a ear infection, then April was here and spending the night, we are getting ready to watch a movie, had a great time with her today. There is peace in my home in the midst of all the babies and company, all is a mess but it can all be cleaned when the time comes:)) I had rather have the mess and my family here any day then a spotless quiet home:) I had a listing appointment tonight at 6:30 and totally forgot it, we had a little crisis, Steve and I had to handle that, in which it ended in such peace, but I totally forgot my appointment, not a good thing, I have called them and hope they understand...........update on April, she is waiting on marriage, God is working in all that. hugs and nite

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