Saturday, December 25, 2010

It is Christmas!

This morning I woke about six am, woke up to Dually snoring on one side of the bed, in his bed on the floor, Cali on the other and Steve in the bed, all snoringSmileDually is spending Christmas with us till Sunday.  duelly

He is a well trained and obedient inside dog, weighs about 180 pounds. I miss not having Max get up and us rock, then Blake, then Olivia, but have enjoyed this quiet morningSmile Jared and Jenn are at her Nanny’s, so its quiet there too.  It is the first Christmas since I have been married, 1972 that I am home on Christmas morning with just Steve and it is really peaceful and cozy, I think I like this…. was not sure how I would feel, but with having all my grand children and children over these past weeks, it has been a family fun filled Christmas!  I have baked and baked, made goodies trays for my family as gifts, if I ever say I will make divinity again, I need my head examined! that is a chore for sure, timing has to be perfect!  We have had Averitt ChristmasAveritt Christmas  2510 051 

Averitt/Rogers/SmithAverittRogersSmith Christmas 029 Christmas

This is 2009 pic, we forgot to do it this yearSad smilefamily christmas

Work ChristmasMAR 

I totally forgot the Christmas Eve service at church last night, I was fast asleepSad smile We took mother and Sherry Maxwell and April to Red Lobster, then we looked at some neat Christmas light displays, one is set to music, you tune in your radio and the lights beat to the songs, so neat!  We all had a great time!  Now, not sure what all is in store for today still have Christmas about 1ish with miss AprilAverittRogersSmith Christmas 008then maybe go to a movieSmile not sure on when we will go to condo, really like just being home.  I pray you have a blessed Christmas day!  Happy Birthday to Jesus!Jesus

Jan. 1st is time for me to work, work, work! and I am ready, call me for any and all your real estate needs, in or out of state, I can help!138 (427x640)

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My Christ mas is complete because you are with me Love you more than ever. Steve