Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday.....productive day

Today has been a good Monday, I woke early like 5:30ish and Steve and I had a good talk, its really nice when your best friend is your husband:)) Then got up and a friend came by and visited, I had a lady come and clean today, my house is so clean!! I love it when everything is in its place and clean, I also love it when it is a full house and a mess:) Then I went to work, got what I needed done, actually closed a loan:) had a bowl of soup with Alicia, then to do nails, then to mother's, her rash on her face is red and stings her, the cream is helping, she was about the same as far as her memory, its basically gone, but she was doing well and was peaceful:) I need to take a picture of her tree, it is a shiny black with all her Waterford ornaments on it, it is stunning, its a 4ft. tree, she said today I just did not want to mess with a big tree, that is the littlest tree I have ever seen but I decided to just get it out and decorate funny! Came home and April came over, she and Steve and I went to IHOP and ate, they have the very best Florentine chicken crepe, sooooo good! April has gone now to watch movies with Seth and she is still living at the Harris. She is talking about going to CNA school and getting and apt. with a couple of her best friends, not sure what she will decide to do, she can live here is she chooses, we will just wait and see what she decides to do, she may stay where she is for awhile. I am just so thankful for the Lord going before me and her:) Tomorrow is our office Christmas party, so I have some gifts to get ready, we will have a brunch catered, it is always fun, then I have the day with my girl friends for their birthdays:)) gonna be a fun day!! best get things ready for tomorrow...hugs and nite

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