Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Count your Blessings one by one


This morning I wanted to sleep past 7am, but oh well, so I take this very quiet time in my home and reflect, pray, this morning have ask forgiveness for some things in my heart, and then I began to think of all my blessings, then the song count your blessings one by one came to my mind, so I wanted to journal on it and count my blessings, you know in Psalms when David would be so up set, he would rant and rave then in the end he would be thankful, sorta how my morning has been.  I have totally found peace in April’s situationme and april and forgiveness for things I have said and forgiveness for what others have done, you know others do not have to ask for forgiveness for us to extend forgiveness, unforgivness only hurts us, and if we hold onto it can really make us resentful,bitter, that will carry over into other areas of our life and we will find we are making more bad choices….with all that said, I was able to give it all to the Lord this amSmile and He took it all and forgave me for my doingsSmile so then I started thinking of my blessings, I am blessed with a close family, family christmaseven if I do not see my brother me and jimmy as much as I would like, I am close to him and know he loves me, we would be there for each other when needed, I am blessed with a sister who is always there,me and kay she is such a blessing in my life, I am blessed with a father who died when I was 18, he taught me how to love all people, and help people, he gave me a love for horses,me and horse I am blessed with a Step Father who past in May and he taught me how to be quiet but yet stand for what I believe in, he taught me how to love when you were not loved back,Christmas_with_Mother_and_Walt_007_thumb in saying that God changed Walt’s heart and he was able to love back in in last years, I am blessed with five children, who have Godly Spouses who love the Lord, I am blessed with April who loves the Lord, I am blessed with my grand babies, who I can have a influence in their life and see them oftenSmile I am blessed that God put Steve and I together,me and steve he is a man of great patience with me and love. I am blessed because I have a church that loves me and I love it, actually twoSmile I am blessed because I have a job that I love, makes working so much fun.MAR I am blessed because I am close to my children and they are close to each other, I am blessed because I have a motherme and mother who taught me unconditional love, no matter what I did growing up she always said o mater what I love you and I for sure tested that love, I am blessed to still have her with meSmile I a blessed Jared did not die with cancer, I am blessed Steve did not die with Staff, I am blessed I did not have kidney cancer, I am blessed that my brother who had kidney cancer is cancer free, I am blessed I married a man who had good work ethics and taught my children good work ethics, we all have a home and food, I am so blessed….Thank you Lord for it’s the grace of God in our life, thank you we have fresh mercy and grace every day, thank you for your Son Jesus who makes my life worth living,Jesus I pray I honor you today in all I do and if I don’t then please correct me and let me be quick to repent, thank you for my blessings one by one!


Pegi said...

I m blessed to have you in my life, what an inspirition. You are so encouraging, loving and a Godlly Woman. We still need to get together for lunch sometime. God Bless you and your beautiful family this Christmas.

Alicia said...

Mother you never cease to amaze me with your loving and forgiving heart. I didn't inheirit this trait, instead, God has been and still is instilling it in me. He knew I would struggle with holding grudges, so He gave me you as my mother. And WOW, what a blessing you are to me. I love you more than words.