Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost Christmas!

Daddygrand and gotta do what you gotta do:)

Olivia's new jeans
Bby its cold outside, esp.when its 8ish am:) gotta do what you gotta do:)) to survive:)


Ginger Bread train.................boys like trains better:)

Well its been a full week, with work, grand children,mother but a fun week. Yesterday I let the babies play out most of the day, then Steve took the boys to TSC and Home Depot, I took Olivia to Cracker Barrell, then we met at Gadwall's for lunch:) I had given them some Benadril for runny noses and they were all so sleepy, all came home and took a nap, while they and daddygrand slept, I ran to mother's and cleaned and went to the store for her, mind you I am out of bread and do you think I could remember to get what I needed??? We were going out to eat but deiced to eat at home......BUT Alicia and I went to eat, seems I have morning duty and he has night duty, after dinner and baths:)) but I have had some wonderful one on one time with Alicia:) Kay took mother with her to Mrs. Smith's to pack mrs. Smith for her and Mr. Smith's trip, and it gave me the time I needed to get mother's house cleaned and go to the store, it is easier to do when she is not there:) Well this morning has been hectic, babies everywhere:) Blake is in trouble for biting Olivia, bet he will not do that again, the ruff part of being a Nana is the getting on to them:((( but I always go back and hug and love on them and explain what they did wrong to deserve punishment:) I do not have a lot to do today and its a good thing because I am tired, may be a nap day for me:) While Olivia and Blake are settled in separate rooms Max and I will build a Ginger Bread train:)) so best go.....after the train it Steve's turn and I am going to eat onion soup at Panera Bread and get my nails done....gotta do what you gotta do:)hugs

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping them and doing so much with them, they love it outside. They pretty much stay on Benadril or Donatussion because of there little noses running and getting colds. LOL I can't believe Blake bit Liv, he knows better than that. I thought that pic of the Skinny jeans was of you, I just realized it was of Liv. I love the jeans. Can't wait to see you guys. Plus I know you will be ready for me to get there and help you. Love you..