Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a day, what a DAY!!

Today started while it was still dark for me, I got up about 4:30ish….ugh! Could not go back to sleep so I started baking, made chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge cup cakes with fudge icing, I had bought some snowman trays and these real cute snowman wrappers, so cute, I made trays for several people for Christmas….Averitt Christmas  2510 138Steve and I then went to Olive Garden to meet Derol and Ann May for lunch, so enjoyed seeing them!! I made them a tray tooSmile  then we went to Steve’s Averitt side family ChristmasSmileAveritt Christmas  2510 051this is Biff, Dottie, Pat, Judy and Steve Averitt.   It was so nice to see them all, Averitt Christmas  2510 042These are some of the girls,more girls then boysSmileAveritt Christmas  2510 126Anna and Cole

Averitt Christmas  2510 128Amelia who will spend the night this Sunday, cannot waitSmile Then my McGill bunch will come for the week, we will have our Averitt/Rogers Christmas on the 23rd at Alex and Jill’s……looking forward to that!Averitt Christmas  2510 032special cousinsSmile Alicia and Susan……well its been a long day but such a fun and rewarding day, took my sister a goodie tray and have one for my cousin JP, making some more for my brother, and our partySmile hugs and good night!!

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