Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday fun

Christmas dinner with Walt and mother 2009, Kay and Colin came
April Rebecca Averitt, last day of being a teen, since she will be out of her teens, do you think her tude will change???? just kidding...not

This has been such a great time of year for us, we left yesterday for the FFB condo, one of my favorite places:) This time two years ago Steve told me we were at casino with mother and Walt, in which I remember:) they had wanted to go and Walt was going to take them:(( so we loaded up and off we went, we had rooms right by the casino floor and side by side, of course mother and Walt want to stay up all night, mother said she could sleep at home, so Steve and I took turns going out and checking on them:) It was a fun trip and a great memory, had no ideal we would be saying by to Walt to soon:( Then last year we did a Christmas dinner with them, Walt did not want to get out, we had a fun time. Last year we were in Branson for the week after Christmas with the Haley's, we had fun, went to some great shows! Jennifer had gone to her dad's and came for the day, and it snowed!! while we were there:) This year we are at FFB condo and going to Branson this morning for the day, it is two hours from here:) so we will have a fun filled day, eat at Joe's crab shack for miss April's big 20, tomorrow we have massages scheduled for her, there is a indoor pool here and work out place, so we will swim and just have family fun:)
Then back home on Thursday, keeping the Averitt girls for Jenn while she does to dinner with her buddies, then I think Steve and I are going to celebrate New Year's with Derol and Ann May, which will be wonderful:) I love taking the time to see all my family and friends at Christmas time, just need to keep it up through out the year, its so hard with every one's schedule, seems llike in Dec. things slow down so you can, or else you just slow down and make the time, not sure which:) Off to Branson........hugs and have a great day! BY the way this would of been Steve's mother 100 birthday today:)

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