Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Saturday

My Kneeling santa, I love this:)

Have had a full past two days, April spent the night, had a wonderful prayer time and just good talk time with her:) Hannah and her family came in, Mark and Steve and Hannah hunted today, Steve got a doe this am but tonight they did not see anything, I cooked all morning so we have done nothing but graze all day, Cole spent the night last night so Sarah could go to a concert, Sean is hunting, then Sarah came today to get him, when I realized Sarah had to work tonight, I told her to just let him stay another night, he is so good, then Sean can just get him on his way home tomorrow. Cole loves playing with Max and Blake, he is just so smart and so cute! He looks more and more like Sean in some of his faces he makes:) He has the saddest little cry and pout when you get ready to put him to bed, I bout can not do it, matter of fact I just put him in bed with me till he is ready to get in his own bed:)) Hannah and Mark and babies will go back tomorrow, then it will be quiet and the house will be clean again, ready for company to come and make it loud and messy again:))) The babies have loved the Christmas decorations and tree, its so much fun to watch them, Laila and Peyton sat down by this santa I have and talked to him, Peyton was so funny....when she realized we were watching she got real funny, Laila is afraid of santa so she sets back but then got real close just to like at it:) of course we do not push santa in our home, our children all have different views in santa and teaching their children and I totally respect that, I have a kneeling santa at baby Jesus, so I try to keep the right perspective:) Well I am getting ready for bed, gonna be a chore getting all of us to church on time in am, but we can do it:)) just hope Hannah does not wake up sick:) Blake will love seeing Alex, he loves him some uncle Alex! Thankful I was there last week, I have applied the msg. Alex preached several times this week, in fighting for our children, he preached a series on what we fight for, week before was our marriage.....Alex is an anointed and good preacher, I am very proud of him, plus I know he lives his messages:) Gonna call it a night...hugs

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