Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh

I said she shall be bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh her name shall be called April Rebecca Averitt, born Dec. 29th 1990, although I did not give birth to her physically, I gave birth to her in my heart on that day. pics 002 April was born a little after midnight as a emergency caesarian section, her birth mother started labor on the 28th, every time she had a contraction, April would kick and move all over, I felt something was not right and we went to the hospital, the cord was around her neck and cutting off her oxygen during a contraction, so with in 20  minutes of arriving at the hospital, miss April made her grand entrance, a beautiful little olive skinned baby with little rose colored lips!! You could tell her birth mother was part IndianSmile April’s birth mother lived her last few months of her pregnancy with our family, she had been on the streets before that or in shelters, we met her birth father at a church cook out, he ask could she live with us till she had the baby and then they would get on their feet.  As our journey goes, April’s birth mother did would not care for her and her birth father was in a rehab. The first month of April’s life was up and down, I felt we were in her life to protect her, at the time I never thought of having another baby, since I had FIVE!! But God had different plans for us, April’s birth mother would come and go with April, or call us drunk to come and get her, we always did, I had to come to the place to let her go, she was not mine and I could not keep her from her birth parents, I remember going to the church, sitting at the altar and begging God to do something, I cried till my eyes were swollen shut, honestly did not think I could survive the pain and torment I was in, trying to protect April but yet not having a legal leg to stand on, I took her back to her birth parents and made the decision to walk away from it, I had called her her Grand parents and her aunt to let them know April needed someone to care for her, also reported to DHS.  Dee and John, April’s birth parents had threatened my children and us, John was on drugs and crazy, one night the land lord went into the room john and Dee lived in with a butcher knife and took April, they had thrown her on the floor, this was when she was a month  old, the Land lord called us to come and get her, I ask her to call the police, we were out of town but went the next day, April was totally blind and had a bruise on her forehead. Due to how volatile John was, ( a whole another story )  John had knocked Dee across the room, she cowered down in the corner, I came up like a fighting wild woman, and grab her to her feet and said you stand up to him, then told  him what I thought and left with April and Dee, there were many aspects in all this saga,  I ask Dee if she wanted me to take her and April to children’s hospital for April’s shots, she said yes, when we got there, they admitted April, she was dirty and blind and her stomach distended because they had fed her onion water in a bottle, not sure why, other then they sold the formula for drugs, she was blind from being fixated on paint thinner fumes, she was un responsive… heart was broke and I was ready to fight hell and back for her…….and I did.  They had left April at three weeks old with a street person under the Broadway street bridge while they did drugs, this is a life I cannot understand and has taken me some time to forgive. As April was in the hospital she began to regain her sight as the drugs left her little body, she began to respond and laugh and be normal, John and Dee appeared as good parents for the first few days, of course they had a warm bed, food, washer and dryer….TV, but with any drug addict the real problems began to surface and show them self.  A security alert was place on April, this was part my fault to, because John and I had got into it, they actually discharged April to John and Dee, the very same morning DHS came to John and Dee’s room, which was condemned, and tried to take April, John kicked the woman down the stairs and called us, we had custody papers drawn up earlier in the month for them to sign, but they would  not sign them, now he said meet me at ACH and I will give her to you and sign the papers, I do not want her a ward of the state like I was, we met them there and signed everything and we had our precious baby safe and sound, NEVER to live in that turmoil again. When April was 19 months old Dee and John came back into the picture, they wanted her back, we went to court three different times and all three times they could not prove they could care for her, the Judge terminated their rights, this is another whole story too, then we adopted her from the state of Arkansas and had the blessings of the Tribal Court in Oklahoma…..April was ours legally, even though she had been ours since the day she was born! April has met her birth mother now and her birth brother, I am thankful for Dee without her  I would not have April, I also know some of Aprils' struggles in life was due to drugs during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy which still makes me upset at times, when I see April struggle.  April has never met her birth father and does not want to, she has a love for Dee and Matthew, no real relatshonship.  April has always been a blessing in my life, she has such a beauty about her, inside and out.  I have been ask, do I love her any different then my children I gave birth to, my answer is no, there is no difference.  I fought for her which was much harder then giving birth!  Our family would not be complete without her, she has been our little princess from birth and we all love her dearly, so not bone on my bone or flesh of my flesh but she is heart of my heart and always will be!  Happy Birthday to you April Rebecca Averitt!

We celebrate her birthday at Joe’s Crab Shack these past few yearsSmilepics 176pics 193pics 195you have to walk around and touch people with your wand as they sing Happy Birthday, if you stop they quit signing, so it starts all over again!!

pics 120her pic with Santa!! love to see her turn redSmilepics 197 Just so you will know, April knows her life story and is ok with me sharing it with you, she is thankful for how faithful God has been to her in her life and snatched her up out of the pit to stand her on solid ground.  Thank you Lord for our sweet April!

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