Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cali and Dually, they both slept by our bed, and again..woke to snoring:)

I have a friend who once told me that she knows when I am not sure of what she is telling me because I hummmmmmmm, and I do:) Have you ever noticed your behavior when your talking and your not sure about something the other person is saying? Well, if your talking to me, I tell on myself because I will say HUM, or HUMMMMM, or next time we talk you will realize if I agree or have to think on it:) Do not get me wrong when I know I do not think the same way, I usually state it, and agree to disagree:) just food for thought this early am on Sunday morning, Steve has gone hunting, duck hunting with Sean, so early and cold, that would be a HUMMMMMMM for me, it may be fun to him but I do not want to do anything outside when it is so cold....burrrrrr!

Thinking and pondering this am on what this next year beholds for my family and me, the real estate market is slower then I like so that needs to pick up for me, I will start the year off with some hard work and pray it pays off, the Lord has always blessed my business for which I am thankful. I have my niece's son Cody Ruffin getting married Jan 15th, also have a wedding shower that day that Alicia and I are giving in Hot Springs for miss Rachael May:) Then we have April Bivens and Matthew Bale getting married and Clay and Marylee, then Hannah having her baby boy:) which will be interesting, she plans on having it here, she will come to the house before she is due, not sure how all that will work with Max in school, that is a hum......:) I am looking forward to work and getting the year started off right, we have out first sales meeting on the first Tuesday in Jan. then our big kick off meeting the second Tuesday in Jan., that is always a boost to get going!! Going to make plans to take mother to Chattanooga to see her family, she is talking about going, she wants to see them all, maybe meet Connie and Mamaw in Vicksburg in Jan. and Tenn, in March...depends on their schedules. I gave out six moth reviews to the care givers and the letter of things that we expect, that has gone well and I am glad because mother loves her caregivers, we do too:) so for now the one I was not sure of I think has taken the reprimand in a good way which is what I wanted, because we want to keep her with mother. April is dong well, no wedding plans that I know of, she is thinking of going to CNA school which I pray she does. She is living with the Harris's and dating Seth. We had a fun, Christmas with her!

When I think back of this past month I am so thankful for my family, grand babies, children, friends, I have spent some quality time with all grand babies, children and friends and mother:) I am ever so thankful! I did so much baking and was able to give and I love giving:) always remember to hold all you have in a open hand, never a closed fist, God can give and take in a open hand, but a closed fist you only can get what you have and you will never learn to give and is always hard to be the taker, but sometimes in life we have to learn how to receive, its not always monetary things but advice, life's lessons, friends, the list goes on and on....there is a scripture and song, God gives and takes away, he gives and takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord!!! Now this bothered me at first that God takes away, but the truth is He does, this is from Job, we do not have to fear this, but we do, sometimes we need to give and sometimes he needs to take, sometimes it is not easy to give, we give out of our own need, but the part to always remember you can NEVER out give God! If He takes something away, He always gives back:))) hugs and to a fun day!

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