Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deer, Deer, OH DEAR!

Deer trying to get out of the yard
Deer bedded down

Deer's rack, I was inside the house taking through a window not to spook the Deer

It was the buck in the back yard:)

Today we woke to small tiny snow flakes at Fairfield Bay:) Then we came home and went to Journey Church, then to lunch celebrating Amanda's graduating college:) Mother's care giver called and said there was a deer in her back yard, she thought it was a six point, turns out to be a 14 point:) made for a lot of excitement this afternoon, mother loved seeing it but wanted it out of her yard, we loved seeing it, but then it starting running trying to get out and hurt its mouth/jaw by running into the fence, the Game and fish came out and we got it to go back into the fenced ( 6 ft) to the NLR airport, their property sides up to mother's. Mother was all excited, so once all settled down she was tired, April is with her tonight, tomorrow I will pick her up at 1:00 to go to lunch and to see Dr. Bradley, have some questions I have sent him in and email so I will not have to discuss it in front of mother. I do not like going to see him, he ask her questions and she feels dumb, gets irritated that she can not remember, last time we went he did not do that, basically he could tell she was worse so I hope he does not do that tomorrow, I know she is worse, has no short term memory at all, guess I will just have to see what he says. It is going to be 32 degrees tomorrow for the high, so going to have to bundle her up real good:) Enjoy the Deer pics!! Had a great weekend with Steve and April.... hugs and nite

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