Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

AverittRogersSmith Christmas 055

We had a wonderful time last night for Christmas with the Smiths/Averitts/Rogers,  we had a special guestAverittRogersSmith Christmas 107AverittRogersSmith Christmas 108Mother was so excited seeing Santa so was everyone elseSmileAverittRogersSmith Christmas 074AverittRogersSmith Christmas 076Olivia seeing Santa come in

door, he was saying, HO HO HO!!

AverittRogersSmith Christmas 086Kay had found a apple that is a puzzle that Alex took a part when he was little, it was Walt’s, he got in trouble for taking it apart, but he and Walt put it back together, which takes a master mind. Kay found it the other day and wrapped it up for Santa to give himSmileEach child had a gift from Santa and had their pic made with him, Sawyer told Santa he did not have a chimney, he was so serious, but do not worry Santa told him he can come through the door!!AverittRogersSmith Christmas 093Amelia did not like Santa and the other Averitt girls would not even talk to him, Laila will cry at the sight of him.AverittRogersSmith Christmas 085AverittRogersSmith Christmas 099AverittRogersSmith Christmas 060My children and mother, April, Jared, Hannah, mother, Alex, Sean and Alicia!AverittRogersSmith Christmas 063Grandbabies and my AprilAverittRogersSmith Christmas 090Kay and AlexAverittRogersSmith Christmas 069Kay and her familyAverittRogersSmith Christmas 068AverittRogersSmith Christmas 071with motherAverittRogersSmith Christmas 064AverittRogersSmith Christmas 020we have no problem eating AverittRogersSmith Christmas 032 or cookingSmileHope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas!! Merry Christmas, now we are off to get mother and Sherry and April to go to Olive Garden and look at Christmas lights, I just need some snowSmile

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Oh....I love all these pictures!!!