Monday, December 20, 2010

Holidays and Grandbabies

Miss Amelia slept all night, she has just been perfectSmile this is her morning faceamelia morning 003amelia morning 007for some reason my camera makes her nose yellowSad smileamelia morning 008waking up moreSmileamelia morning 013Peyton and Laila and Mika came over and played some, then Steve came with the McGill’samelia morning 018had lunch ready when they got hereSmile they played all day, we gave Blake his John Deereamelia morning 020his face when he saw it,  this is for birthday and Christmas from McGill’s and usamelia morning 021amelia morning 022they played out all day, then came in bathed them, feed them and put them to bedSmile Alex picked Amelia up, she will be so tired, she has played all day long! I know the other AVeritt girls will be tired too, I know I am and Steve is, will be early to bed and early to riseSmile night

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Anonymous said...

oh I love this and I love his face when he saw it. I am gonna send these to Mark.