Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home Alone

There have not been many nights alone in our house hold during December, the house is quite, I still have my Christmas up to enjoy it one more night, it will all come down tomorrow:( I have so enjoyed this month, it has been fun and family and friend filled, I can not think of of another time I have enjoyed as much as this year. We had so much fun in Branson and the condo in fairfield Bay. I have had every grand child and had special time with each of them, so neat to be able to do that:) Steve has enjoyed it all with me:) Hannah and Mark will be her tomorrow night and the weekend, it is youth hunt and they will hunt Sat and maybe Sunday, not sure. Steve and I were thinking of going out of town with Derol and Ann May but that is not going to work out, so I am not sure what we will be doing, except having fun with family:) Alicia is having some people over fro new years to play games, we may do that, doubt I can stay up till midnight:)) Guess I am getting really old:))) but that's ok, its better then the alternative.... Mother has really done well this Holiday season, she has been out a lot and her confusion is better when she starts to go home she does not think she has a home but seems like it was easier this time:) Kay put away her Christmas decorations, so glad, I was dreading it, I dread putting my own away:(( but will have to do it:) Steve will help long as it does not rain so I can get them all in our storage building:) Best go, I am going to bed early tonight, I woke with a BAD headache today, made me sick and pale,,,had clammy sweats, had sinus head ache, so I am trying to rest so I will not get the cold everyone else has:)) Hugs to all and to all a good night!!

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