Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miss Amelia Sunday

I took two Tylenol PM last night before I went to bed, was real tired, thought it would help me sleep, it did, but gave me a hang over this am, I got up about 8ish ate some grits, then back to bed, had a headache, slept till noon………then just sat in my chair in my PJ’s, finally took a Jacuzzi bath, Alex and Jill brought Amelia over, she was spending the night, my head ache finally went away, I had wanted to go to Sawyer’s Birthday but me and Amelia took a nap, when I woke up my head ache was gone….so glad!! I ran to the office to do some paper work real quick, then by Arby’s and we( Steve, Amelia and I) took dinner over to mother and April, Mother loved playing with AmeliaAmelia 007Amelia 025Amelia 018Amelia threw kisses at us allSmile she played with daddygrand, mother said she is really smart for her ageSmileAmelia 006I think so too.  After church Jared and Jenn came in with Alex and Jill, the girls loved Blake’s new John DeereSmileAmelia 001Blake and Max and Olivia will be here tomorrow, Hannah had to have a break, so Steve is going to get them tomorrow morning, looking forward to having them a few daysSmile Blake will be so excited getting his John Deere, its for Christmas and Birthday form Hannah and usSmile Daddygrand is planning some projects for he and Max and BlakeSmile this week, he loves having them here too and that helps because there is no way I could take it all on without his help. Miss Amelia has been perfect, she took a nap then ate dinner was perfect at mother’s, then a bath,all lotion up, then warm bottle, rocked,prayed,read, sang to sleepSmile so sweet!!!  best go and get t bed so I can enjoy my day tomorrow! hugs

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Alex and Jill said...

Hope she wants to come home after being at Nana's!!! :)

Love you!