Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quit striving????? HOW!

Today has been so busy, all day with sales meeting, Brokers meeting, then getting files ready for closings and I did get my offer accepted on the home I told you about..YAHOO! During all this I am worrying about Kay with mother, I had planned to run over there and do something for her dinner and never got to do that, Kay does real good but I know she does not feel well right now and did not want her to have to do dinner. April Averitt stays tonight, so in my mind I was always edgy on what to do when and how for mother, only to find out Kay did just find and had already fixed some left over veggies for mother and April got there a little later then we thought but Kay was just fine, April did not get off work till 4:00 at the mall. How in the world can I get my brain to quit always thinking of everything that needs to be done or will ever be done or will do in a few minutes????????? When I talked to Kay I realized she was fine and all was ok....sorta like when you leave your babies with a sitter and you told them you would be there at a certain time but your running late and it is right there in your mind the whole time your doing what ever it is that is making you late????? I pray and have quiet time with the Lord, and give it all to Him, there is a balance in it, He gives us the strength but He still uses our body to get it done, so I am sitting in my chair pondering how for me to quit striving and rest in the fact mother will be fine and if things are not ran perfect or the house is not perfect or her meals not perfect she will be fine.........just struggling with it all. Plus keep in mind mother still can care fo her self! I am sick:( BUT I am not near as tired, at the end of the day I could tell my mind was on over load so I just put one file back up, my last one and said I will do it in Am when I can think clearer, during all this keep in mind I get between 50-75 calls a day, remember when I said when you sell a home it puts about 30 people in your life to talk to, well times all the ones in closing and all the problems with closing I am bout crazy today and tied of talking to people working out things. Tomorrow is a new day and I will start over again, then I go to mothers for the night which I am looking forward to, as sick as this sounds I can get the house back in shape from the weekend and go to the store for the care givers to have what they need, then Faye comes on Thursday at 11am till Sat when Connie comes till Monday at 3:00pm, this will be a BIG break and they cook and clean and do what ever is needed:))) Even go to the store:) I may get away for a few days:) I have the fish fry Sunday with Sean at my house, crayfish boil, not sure how to spell it but that will be fun....it always is, if your in the area come by Sunday from 4ish till when ever its over for everyone:) its rowdy sometimes with some of the invites but fun:) I may be the rowdy one:)))) well hope this post even makes sense...as you can tell I am still stressing and need to rest in the fact I am the saved not the Savior....just trying to get there from here:)

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Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful wife, mother and daughter but you are not wonder woman and are not expected to be. Let other people help and try not worry about it. Remember every day will take care of itself and YOU must take care of YOURSELF. Everything doesn't have to be perfect for your mother she is just fine with it not being. Relax!!!::))) Remember I love you and take a break and a bubble bath it is now time for my Linda Lou!!!!
Love, Connie