Thursday, June 17, 2010

taking a linda and steve weekend

Max hit the diving board doing a back flip:((((
Steve, mother, clay, jared, alexandria, peyton

Jill, kay, april, mamaw and amelia, alicia

Mamaw and Miss Mika

I have a closing in the am early and then I am going to the condo to have some down time, I have ran since May 3rd. when Walt passed away. We have mother settled, tonight we had all the kids by to see Mamaw and Connie and Roy, Jill made fudge pie and for real chocolate chip cookies:) it was good:) Mother enjoyed the kids, so did mamaw and Roy and Connie. I am so tired and ready for some time of quietness and to just sleep and rest and do nothing, I know Steve is exhausted too, he has worked so hard every day. There are still things to do in her yard but the inside is done, except press the shower curtain:( and Kay is changing out the front room bedding and bed. The estate sale is getting ready with my friend Sherry Maxwell, and the old house is for sale. I am ready for my life to settle down, I am ready to focus on work, and need to focus on work. I love having mother this close and have care givers till Monday, so Kay and I can both rest up some. Mother has liked her new home, she is still unsure of it and thinks she needs to go home but then realizes this is her home now with her things, her Alzheimer's is sometimes better then at times not to good,all of this has put a lot of pressure on Kay and I and we need your prayers. Well I am off to the lake as soon as I can get there:) hugs and nite


Jen said...

Tonight was very nice. I'm glad you organized a little "party" as Peyton said. :) Enjoy your weekend - you deserve it! Love you!!!

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

well I had some down time playing with my family on the lake:)) it was fun!