Friday, June 11, 2010


What a full day, my dear friend Pam Richey came and got me started today, it was hard to get going:) then Hannah came and I fired a agents niece to help us pack, I think we are ready for the movers, Steve was sick today but did his best to help. It all got done and now Hannah and I are watching old movies of the kids and family video's, they are so funny and we all sound so country:)) Mother will enjoy them, Alex preached Walt's funeral and most of what he said is on videos, so that will be neat for him to watch:)) I need to have a family movie night, Hannah decided Jared was the trouble maker:) It has out cat Alicia loved and Princess the dog we all loved on it, plus Kay's dog Scottie at Christmas, guess they brought the dog, what is so unreal is they smoked in the my house, guess it was no big deal then:((( Tomorrow will be another big day of moving then have our work cut out to get mother's new house ready, hope I can get it all done by Monday afternoon, that is when she will be home. Enjoying my time with Hannah, we ate at El Chico's then came home and have been watching movies, we have Papaw on them, so good to watch:) well best get to bed so I can do this all again tomorrow.....Kay and I went through all the pictures, so many memories and so many pictures:))))) hugs and nite


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

Hired is the word not fired:)

Alex and Jill said...

Watching those old movies would be such fun!!