Monday, June 28, 2010

work and more work:)

Was ready mentally for the office today, I put the two new listings in the computer and worked on them, its a lot of paper work:) I still need to take some pics and will later today. I show property at 7, and have Laila and Mika now while Jenn and Jared take Peyton to the movie, To Story:)) Laila is like not having a child here, she totally entertains her self and Mika just coos and smiles and sleeps:)) They are easy to keep:) Cooked some brown pinto beans today and a for real good strawberry cake, you use a strawberry cake mix and two cans of strawberry icing, you let one icing get warm, when you mix the cake you pour half the batter then put some of the icing in it, then cover with the other half of batter and bake, with the other half of the icing you add a can of sweeten condensed milk and the when you take the cake out of the oven you pour it over the cake while it is hot, let the cake cool then icing with the other can of strawberry icing:)) It is too good and I am not crazy about strawberry cake:) Then was making sour cream chicken to realize I did not have ritz crackers so I turned it into a Mexican chicken casserole, added cream of mushroom soup, rotel and cheddar cheese and chips:) and for sure made corn bread:) I am not the best corn bread maker. Now I need to get my self back dressed and get to work:) then home and hope to get a good nights sleep. Kay is spending the night at mother's and they are having some of what I cooked and baked chicken and the best turnip greens Kay said, I am having April bring me some of those!! YUM YUM, her care giver Faye is a good cook:) well best run..hugs and have a great rest of the day! Have a full day tomorrow with work and Dr. and mother:)))

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Jen said...

Thanks for keeping the girls. I'm sorry we missed you when we got back! Love you!