Friday, June 4, 2010

a relaxing day

my messy hotel room,. me in mirror in my pj's:)

my dinner, all you can eat crab legs, and the best lobster tails, I had three:(((( seafood buffet

my room service lunch, french onion soup and ice tea.....yum yum, yummy
I am sitting in the bed watching TV and getting sleepy, took a three hour nap and read and talked on the phone, mother was laughing so hard at Faye she almost could not talk, I am so pleased that she has done so well, I am going over there tomorrow, and then Connie comes Saturday at 3:00 till Monday at 3:00pm so I am asking for prayer again that mother bonds with Connie, then Sunday I go and we go to church and I or Kay spends the night the April will on Monday and me on Tuesday
then on Wed mother gets her hair done and we go to Vicksburg and meet Connie, then the big work begins with packing and moving mother:) be glad when that is all over and mother is back near us all:)) SO FOR tonight I am snuggled in my bed and resting with a Linda Averitt day:) hugs and night

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