Monday, June 7, 2010

Marvolus Moanday

Averitt Giirl's, Peyton, Mika, Laila

Peyton, check out the crawlfish

What a wonderful day so far, I loved having Sean and Sarah and Cole spend the night, I waited o him to wake up this am so I could play with him before I went to work, he finally did, ok so I went into his room:))) I got him up and feed him breakfast, he is just tooooo cute, he make the sweetest faces, he is a chuck of love!! Saturday Hannah and her family came, Jenn came home with the girls so I got to see them all and loved every minute of it! Then Sunday we had the crawlfish boil and had about 80ish people over, some I knew some I met:) It was really fun, Sean works so hard and Hannah did too, so its real easy on me, I enjoyed the day sitting watching the babies play, Belinda got them a slip and slide sop that was fun to watch:) It was just a family fun filled day with friends. The food was so good, Sean's friend Ronnie is a award winning chief and he did the fish batter and it was totally awesome, can not wait till next year. We do it every year but this year to me was the best time, I guess I just needed it. Mother has done great with her care givers, she loves them both! She ask Kay to come over and meet her new friend Connie, Connie fixed tuna sandwiches for lunch and Kay was going over.....I am so relieved to know mother has done so well, I just love Faye and Connie but wanted mother to love them too, Kay and I both had such a hard time leaving her with care givers, but it is going to work out great. Now pray for her this week, I take her to Connie her sister and we move her this weekend to a home near me, Jared's house, it will be so wonderful having her here, BUT I still question my self if it is the best thing for her, I just hate it for her, but know that it needs to be done, it is just real hard:((( well tonight Kevin invited us over fro game night with Journey home groups, we have not been a apart of home group but I am so looking forward to this time, I guess I have just needed the fellowship:) plus I love games!!!! Enjoy the pics I have so many more on face book so if your on face book befriend me:)) hugs

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