Friday, June 25, 2010

Time for just me:)

My life ha been on fast forward with all that is going on in it. I decided to take me out of my environment and just have some me time, I started with a manicure and pedicure, then went to the book store and got to great books, Talking to Alzheimer's and the Alzheimer's answer book, I finished one this morning sitting by the pool, it was wonderful, the birds were singing and very nice, the water in the pool was cool:) the sun felt so good:) then came back to the suite I am in and took a shower, did my hair and just laid back reading the other book, I am eating a fabulous seafood buffet tonight:) Some things that are so different is mother is never off my mind, I really want to learn all I can on Alzheimer's and how best to care and communicate with her. I plan on writing a book, most books are like encyclopedia and not practical on this issue, like day to day deals, so I have kept a journal for the past few years on it all and my feelings in it all and how I am coping, which at times have been good and then some very hard times. I do think things are much easier with the care givers, I am not sure about one of them, I think she is wonderful but she is a little bossy and will tell you what to do instead of ask you, I worry about mother feeling over whelmed with her, I did talk to her about it when she first stayed with mother and have now written it out so she can fully understand what I am saying. Just hope she can understand it and be able to keep helping. Not sure on what to do about vacation and the oil spill, we are to go to Panama City Beach Aug.7th for a week:( Saturday night Alexandria has her dance recital, mother will go with us, and Alexandria dances a lot of dances and a solo:) then Sunday we have church that night and then to US Pizza for Alexandria's birthday (14) family get together. So once I get home

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