Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good day with mother today

Today is my time with mother, it has been a restful time, we have done nothing:) and it was good to just be home,mother stayed in her pj's all day, we had lunch here and supper I cooked pork chops, great northern beans and corn bread and some left over veggies. It was good, mother is now eating ice cream:) tonight mother has had some crying time, it hurts my heart to see her grieve and I grieve too, we just miss Walt, I am angry that he left but I know he could not help it, but had he taken his meds. and care of his self he may still be here! so it makes me mad. I am real nervous about leaving mother tomorrow with a care giver, her name is Faye and she is a wonderful sweet lady who sat with Pam's mother, I just feel so guilty leaving her with a stranger. I cannot wait for her to live near me it will make things so much easier. She is agreeing to the move, although she does not want to, but knows its best for her. It is all so hard to see her lose Walt then all the changes she is going through then me moving her, but I do not know what else to do. I have to survive to be there for her. SO PRAY for her tomorrow and me, Il eave here at 11am and I have a major meeting at work that will be very stressful on a real estate deal, I will share more later but I have learned if something could turn legal so not talk about it, esp. in writing:))) I did nothing wrong but I am sure some will not be happy campers:((( just a stress I wish I did not have. In times like this I wish I could say just meet with my broker:) but then times like these is what makes an agent a good agent.....I will keep that thought in my mind tomorrow. I just hope my mind is clear tomorrow since I will be leaving mother for the first time with a stranger. She has met Faye but does not really know her. Well watching a movie about brides on the Hallmark channel and watched touched by and angel:) I am ready for bed,hope mother is:))))) NOT!! hugs and nite

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