Saturday, June 12, 2010


Connie and Mother
Mamaw and Mother

As our life starts out we have people in it that love us unconditionally with all the love they have. I was watching family video's of my children when they were small, I had forgot how Hannah hung on me all the time, she was my shadow, Alex was always figuring things out, quiet, more of a loner, you can watch Jared look to Alex for help, and Jared and Hannah was like double trouble:)) Alicia was totally in charge and those were her babies:) Sean was interacting with them all, he was and is the most sociable child I have, Alicia next:) The children will love watching them self and watching them interact, they were really pretty good in all these video's of Christmas, Thanksgiving. Its weird to see our family traditions go so far back to when I was little. I have hung on to them:) As we grow and change in life, we become a person of our own, not the shadow of your sister, brother, parents. It is neat to see how each of my children have taken their own identity, you can see their character traits, as you watch these video's. God has for sure blest me with some wonderful children and family. As I pack mother's house I see so many things that at one time were important, so many memories, so many material things and I keep thinking all of this really means nothing, why???? I love nice things, but to see how someone has worked so hard all their life and just leave it all for someone else to go through and sort and make decisions on makes me take note not to store up earthly treasures but enjoy life today, enjoy my family today, if I have something that is important to my child give it to them, not wait till I am gone and can not see them enjoy the memory. I realize you have to save and invest so you will have money to live on, to care for yourself, Walt and mother have done that, but if they had not mother would of been cared for:) Just thinking on all the material things in life we think we need, how they do not matter as much as I get older and see the value of life and what it really is, it is love for each other, it is family, people will come and go in our life, I know when my church was my family more then my family was my family, you know who is here with me now? My family, I loved my church family but as time changes things so do your friends, its a brother that sticks closer then blood, the bible says. I love my friends, I have several life long friends that are like my family, BUT I have learned in my friendships, yours friends family will come first, as it should be. I love seeing my heritage, watching mother's sisters, brothers, step mother step up to the plate in her time of need, I am not sure how Kay and I would do all this without them. I am thankful God gave me a sister, they are special, I know without a doubt Kay would do anything for me. Brother's are ok but sisters are special:))) I have looked back through old family photos and my daddy's family was all close, they were like us, you make one mad, you make them all mad:) If one likes you they all like you:) Mother's family is the same way, if you got Connie in your court you do not need anyone else:) Just reminiscing about the last 57 years of my life, I am so thankful for loving parents, we had our problems, but with the help of family all persevered. Family is strength, Family is love, we can love each other enough to be our selves and be accepted by each other, Family if fun, Family is memories, Family is laughter, Family is crying, Family is sharing,Family is fussing, Family is forgiving, Family is all we have when it is all said and done, in the end it will be your family on the front row of the church, remembering all the good times and memories you have brought into their life. I say all that to say, make time in your life with your spouse and children to make some memories of family, I know my children do this real well because I was taught to do it by my parents. My son's are blest with wife's who make family memories, my daughters do this well in their home so its some family tradition being past down. What are yours??? Hug your babies today and let them know how important they are to you, if your parents are alive spend time with them and tell them how important they are, if you have a spouse tell them, NEVER let hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness rob you of your family, you never get tired of knowing how much your loved!!

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Alicia Jean said...

Wow.....that comment about it being your family on the front row of the church when it is all said and done really strikes home. It is so true. You're right about everything you wrote mother. I love you and am so thankful for all that you've taught me....I just want to be that for my kids and family. I love you!