Friday, June 18, 2010

fairfield bay condo swimming...yea

olivia under the water fall
Blake swimming

me and the boys

Mr. Max Mcgill

Victoria and Alexandria


me and the girls

baby pool, water fall

ok, here are the first pics from the weekend:) Steve and I went to Janzen's on the bay and ate and played Texas hold em on a tv deal:) it was relaxing and fun:) then Hannah and mark came and we went to the pool, tomorrow we are at the lake all day:) yea!! Picnic on the lake, I want all my babies who can come to come, we have a party barge and going to a cove on the lake for a nap time and picnic and swim......cannot wait!! Steve and Mark are playing golf for Father's day:) then it is home again and work:) which I am looking forward my work:) and my family:)hugs and nite

trying to add pics:)

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condominium philippines said...

Your photos seems totally fun.

Deirdre G