Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not sure what all has gone on since I posted:) Tuesday was a full day at work with sales meeting, then I taught class and we had a condo open house from 5-7pm, it was a great success:) Took mother to get her nails and toes done today:) she is loving her new home, still confused in it but to be expected. We went to Dr. Bradley on Monday, he gave me a chart showing the stages of Alzheimer's form the chart I would say and he confirmed mother is between stage 4 and 5, there are 7 stages, he did start on her some meds. again and so far no side effects, in about a month he said she will be real confused but in a week it will pass:) that is when we will be in Florida on vacation, so pray that goes smooth, she is going with us:) Looking so forward to that. I really like her care givers, one is too bossy and I have said something to her so pray she can get control of that, mother can still do so much by her self she does not like someone bossing her or treating her like a child. I am tired but its a good tired tonight, it has been so hot here it totally zaps me:( I have work tomorrow and Friday and the Alexandria has her dance recital Saturday evening, mother and I and who ever else wants to go will go to it:) She has a solo dance this year!! Well not much to post on, when I have time to think I am going to share some thoughts I had about this road I was on, one side was low and one side was high, so I call it the high/low road experience!! Hugs and Nite!

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