Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching up

Just read some of the blogs I follow, some very good topics:) one was on cursing, I must admit I do cuss and at times can really come out with a potty mouth which I know is not edifying to me or the Lord. I usually do this when I am tired and over loaded, or when I feel pushed against the wall, I come out fighting, its not a pretty sight:(( I had shared on the person's blog that a few months back I was reading some old journals I had, it was 10 years ago and I had prayed for God to help me quit cussing, then 10 years later I still cuss, and had wrttine the same prayer, I thought then its not a God answering problem, its a me problem:)

The other day I was talking to someone and they brought up a situation I am in, I just let the big cuss words fly, when I hung up I thought why on earth did I talk like that, I realized I was angry at the situation and frustrated and cussing seemed to help, there is medical proof that when a person uses foul language, and it is foul language, that it releases endorphins in the brain, your in a fight or flight mode, which does help you, BUT there are so many other ways to release endorphins in your brain that are fun and do not offend others around you:) I say all that to say this, I am really trying not to cuss anymore, I feel convicted of it and know it is not professional in my work environment, use too when someone cussed, I just could not believe it, I thought we have so many words to use, why cuss, then I realized that sometimes your to tired to draw on your brains energy and just cuss cause its easy and it feels good. No excuse for me, I am working on it, I am surprised I have not cussed on the blog and I may have and not know it, that's when you know you need to do something! Actually I like being a lady and in my day ladies did not cuss, I never want to give up my lady hood, I like it when Steve opens my door, or lets me walk in front or helps me carry something, all the things done for us ladies, that I never want to give up, so I need to talk like a lady, and for sure before the Lord behave:) I personally do not think the Lord has curse words, I think its our society that has them, I think this because words have very different meanings in different parts of the Country, some bad words here are good words there. If they were bad before the Lord they would be bad every where is my thinking, just like lying is, gossip, stealing, you know He covered all that, but the only thing I can see about cussing is, unwholesome words, Let not unwholesome words come out of your mouth, ugh, how convicting is that? So in my thinking society is who makes the words unwholesome and I can adhere to that and try my very best with God's help to quit using unwholesome words:)) That is my thoughts for today, thank you "C" for helping me in this:)
I have a home to list today, then to church then to Alexandria's 15th birthday party, then to mother's to spend the night, mother is going to church and the BD party with us:) The dance recital was wonderful last night, we all enjoyed it, had to get in high gear, Alicia thought it started at 6pm and it started at 4pm:( but managed to pull it off! Even mother got in high gear:)
Have a great Sunday!

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