Friday, June 4, 2010

A day off and it feels sooooooooo good!

I am having a break from reality:)) and a much needed break, have checked on mother she is fine and Faye is fine, mother hid her rings and they are looking for them, Faye panicked and called me but I told her that was totally a daily thing, mother takes them off at night and puts them up then the next day it is find the rings or her purse:) Faye was afraid we would think she took them, I said no we do this all the time:))) its a daily deal, they will find them just have to look in all mother's hiding places. In which we are learning:) Alicia finally find them when they had been lost for a year in a Elvis Valentine tin back in one of her drawers:))) so pray for Faye that she finds them, then we need to place them in her jewelry box at night:) I am with my friend Pam and getting ready to take a nap, Steve is taking my calls and she and I came out of town to rest, and it feels so good, she has a condo at red apple inn, in Greer's ferry:) BUT that is not where we are:) so go figure:))))) I will probably sleep all afternoon, I feel like I could:) I am so impressed and astonished at how strong of a woman my mother is, she really has rolled witht he punches. Her memory seems better to me, she is not malnourished now and has been on her meds. and vitiams for over a month and it has made a difference in her thinking:) We see her Dr. June 21st. so I will se if he sees some improvement in her memory, don't get me wrong she still has someone with her 24 hrs a day, and we still fix her meals and make sure she eats good, got to keep gaining weight, its just she can remember more and do more without being so confused:)) We booked our condo in Florida for our Aug. family vacation, mother will go with us as of now, less she chickens out:( Looking forward to that!! Well best go get a nap:) hugs

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