Saturday, June 5, 2010

home and so are my babies


sitting ready to jump...Olivia, Blake, Laila, Peyton

Jared and Jenn and the girls got home today, Mika has grown so much, she laughs out loud at you:)) the girls and I went to Sam's to meet Sean to get what else we needed for tomorrows crawlfish boil and fish fry, they were so good:)) then we went to Alicia's to swim with Hannah and her family, it was too fun and relaxing, then we decided to go to CECE's Pizza, when I got there I took the girls and we went on in, Lalia and Peyton were in front of me and I had these noodles and spaghetti sauce in a bowl and chicken noodle soup, thankfully it was not hot, because Peyton was trying to look at the buffet and grabed the tray and it feel all over her face, and little body, she looked at me with her big eyes filling with tears, she just did not know what to think or do, I started getting it off her and realized it was not hot, she started crying and food was every where, soup all on my feet, this sweet man, ask them to get me a cloth/rag and I picked her up and started cleaning her off, she was just schocked, Hannah and Mark came in and Hannah sent April and Molly to help me, we had such a mess, but you know it all cleaned up and Peyton was fine, Laila just sorta looks at you with her sweet face like was is all over Peyton's face:) we ate had a great time came home, Laila went to her bed she was so tired, Peyton was on her way, a great way to end a good day, the mcgill's are here which I love, I was hoping Regina could come, even changed the sheets for her:) but she had to work, that is Mark's mother, I love seeing her. Tomorrow is the big crawl fish boil/fish fry so up early have about 80 people coming, Sean and his friends do all the cooking and we do all the eating:)) yum yum come it your near here, its at my house:)

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