Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tired Tuesday

Some days I totally forget that I have fybromialgia, it has been so long since I have had a bad day that I just forget I have it, actually thought it was gone for a long time, as I lost weight and ate healthier it rarely showed its ugly head, but some sometimes far and few between I just have bad days and today is one of them, barley enough energy to do anything and ache all over, you feel as if you have the flu, of course when you continue to push your self, you just feel worse and are very CRANKY with your self and others, this is because you need to rest and quit pushing your self:))) I had so many plans for today and ended up going to sales meeting to the Dr. and then home, was cranky with family, who loves me anyway:) and then finally just gave in and took a long nap, I had planned to be at mother's and watch Cole as Sean helped Steve move things to mothers that will sale in the estate sale. Thank fully my sweet April came to my rescue, probably because she was flabbergasted with me:) anyway she went to mothers and has Cole at mothers, so I could take a nap........my life savor! I do feel less grouchy but still feel lifeless and tired, glad I do not have anything else to do to day so I can rest and not stress:) I will spend the night with mother tonight and we will have take out for dinner:) Tomorrow she gets her hair done then the care giver Fay will be there, I did speak with the other care giver Connie and she was so sweet and receptive to some changes she will need to make, I am so thankful:)) we really like her. Steve and I will go to the condo tomorrow for a couple of nights, then to see Hannah and her family for the fourth, looking forward to that. Those are the plans UNLESS I need to work which will come first since I need to sell something real soon:) I do have some good buyers to show next week, usually Holidays are quiet with people doing family things. Well blog more later, just checking in:) hugs

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Jen said...

I'm sorry you feel so bad today. I'm praying you feel better ASAP! Love you!