Thursday, June 17, 2010


Cole and Sarah, Cole was giving her a look:)

mamaw and Roy
Mother and Connie laughing, which is what they do all the time:)


I had cooked a huge pot of chicken and dumplings, roast and potatoes, carrots, fresh purple hull peas, corn,Luigi's tomato salad, fresh Lima beans, peach and black berry cobblers,rolls,mac and cheese. we ate and ate:) oh yes, ice cream on the cobblers:) I enjoyed them coming over, my house and yard were not ready for company but I had them over nay way:))) Tonight the kids and my brother and sister's family will go by mother's for desert and visit mamaw and Connie and Roy and Mimi, and see her home, I am so proud of her new hoe and how pretty it is, she feels very special. She still gets confused over the move but that is to be expected.
Cole spent the day here, April watched him while Sarah worked, Mark and Hannah and their family will be here tonight, Mark has school for two days, Jenn and Jared and the girls came and ate with us, and I still have left overs for the weekend:)
Have a heavy heart over some issues so pray for me that I hear and do what the Lord says for me to do:) hugs and have a great day!
YES April I have you some chicken and dumplings:))))

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