Thursday, June 3, 2010

God is so good!

Today was much easier then I could of ever dreamed it would be, Faye got to mothers and mother remembered her from meeting her before, she was totally fine with Faye and told me to leave they would be fine, of course I was going over everything and left several notes, reminded me of when Jill left Amelia with me, she had a sm. book, so did I:) so now I know how she felt, I had forgot when I first left my children how it was, I just so want my mother having the best and I felt she did. I wanted to call all day long but refrained from it till tonight and mother was totally happy and just has enjoyed Faye, so thank the Lord...answered prayers again, Gos is so faithful! I was about sick for real with a headache and my neck was so tight, I did have my meeting and when I pulled my files and the main office file they were in complete order and I even had my emails, but to my surprise I did not write the contract, I was out of town and another agent who is not with us did. I could not image how I could of screwed up so bad and was relieved to find out I didn't:) so I can not resolve it all but feel it will work out, I have e&O insurance so I am covered in case I am sued. I totally feel bad baout it but again relieved I did not do it......I strive to have a good reputation of integrity and expertise in real Estate. After that meeting I felt nauseated and my head was throbbing, I went home took some ibuprofen and went to spend some time with my friend Pam, her husband is on a mission trip and have the best time, just chillin, now in bed and still feel a little weak form the headache but no headache or strained neck:) yea, I think I will sleep well and I hope late......Steve is taking my calls, I just had to have a beak from life for at least 24hours:) So its off to bed for me and a good nights sleep....hugs

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