Sunday, June 27, 2010

pics of my get away Linda Lou Averitt time:)

Day started with a pedicure/manicure:)

Big flat screen:) in the suite I was in.

The ending of a me two days, read two books, had great talks with my best friend Sherry Maxwell and ate like a queen:)

Bed part of the room

Bath room, in which I took time for a shower and a hot bath in the huge tub, you can lay and float in,noting more relaxing then floating:)

Foyer to the suite

tub, its a six foot long tub:)

sitting area, I would love to have a bedroom like this, but then I may never leave it:)

One thing for sure when I totally get over loaded, I have learned how to deal with it:) I escape and take some me time:) When I worked in Psych a Dr. had made a statement she wish she could just break her leg so she could have some time off, then she realized how absurd that thinking is and recognized the need for her some time off, WITHOUT being sick and not feeling guilty for taking the time off, we all need some me time, it is easier for me now with my children grown then when they were little, when they were little you may get a few hours, but take them, they make you a better mommy and wife:) Just FYI....also new panties and fresh flowers help too when the babies are small, we tend to buy for others but not our self, so learn from me, spend some time on your self to help you be who you want to be:) The most important part is not to feel guilty for taking care of you:))) hugs

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