Friday, June 11, 2010

lots to do

We made it just find to Vicksburg, the car ride was something else:) We stopped in Dumas and got ice cream at McDonald's, a ice cream hot fudge sundae, mother and I made the biggest mess, I was trying to lean over my seat and help her make her tea sit in the cup holder and the ice cream was melting and dripping everywhere, mine was in my hand and it dripped all over everywhere, we had plenty of napkins but was laughing so hard we only made bigger messes! When we got there Connie was sitting out front of the hotel waiting:) Do not know what I would do without her. Mother knew her right off and we put things in our rooms and went to the casino, we were walking around looking for mawmaw and when mother saw her, she just grabbed her and began to cry and turned to Steve and said this is my moma! It was so sweet, she was so happy to see her, she has not seen her in a few years and knew her immediately. It was so sweet to see. We sat right there and played the slots, mother did real good, she played the same slot for about a hour and made about 20.00 dollars, we then went to eat and I said mother you ready to go to the room and bed and she gave me the look a teen gives you:) SOOO we played again, this time mother won 120.00. I won 230.00, these are penny slots:) so we did good, at midnight I said I have to go to bed, so she and Connie sat in a bistro area and mother smoked and off to bed they went. We left early so get home early to start packing, Steve my sweet wonderful husband:) decided to go to I-55 instead of the way we came, it took us 1.5 hrs. more to get home, BUT it was all freeway:) So spent the night at mother's getting ready to start packing, Kay and I went through some things last night, we have so much to do and so little time to do it, so pray it all gets done and goes smoothly. I am soooooo thankful so my dear friend Pam who is helping me pack today:) Mother is doing great at Connie's:) hugs to all

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