Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today has been a full day but so much got accomplished! I missed sales meeting due to needing to be a character witness at a Arkansas Real Estate Commission hearing, only to get there and have it post poned, but it gave me the time to go to Lowe's and get mother a washer and dryer and a new bed:))) Mother's bed was the same one she and daddy got in the 70's, so she will now have a new mattress and box springs:) her washer was real old and dryer had problems, so they deliver it all Monday:) Movers come on Saturday and we need to have it all packed and ready by 1:00 pm Saturday:) The house where she is moving is about ready:) will be by Saturday, mother went to day and was excited about it, she loved the house and colors Kay picked out, she just went on and on about it, made me excited, she knows when she comes home from Connie's that she will got to her new house and said that is what would be best for her, so of course I am happy about that:))) Take her to get her hair done in am then we go to Vicksburg about 12ish so looking forward to seeing Mama and Roy and Connie, then get up early Thursday to get home and start packing:) In between all that I have a home to list a home to do a market analysis on and some figures to send to some sellers:) so as you can see I have my plate full for sure, but am mentally ready for the challenge, had some good down time and family time so I am charged!! I am at mother's tonight, we ate at Gadwall's and brought home apricot fired pie and chocolate fried pie:) yumo.......I think mother can get me in trouble on her eating habits;( so I just have to take some bites and put it up:) well best get things ready fro bed:) hugs and nite

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Jen said...

Missed seeing you and Mimi this afternoon, but it was probably for the best since my girls were acting up. :) Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow! Love you!