Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Better Wenesday

Spent the night at Mother's last night, had quiet evening and it felt good. I did not sleep very good, this morning I heard a voice say Linda and I answered in my sleep yes, which woke me up....really weird!!! Of course no one was there and mother was asleep:) Got up early and cleaned mother's clean house:) but the Porty's and floors had not been cleaned in a week or so, so I just cleaned clean:)) Then April took her to get her hair done and they got back, mother looks so good, she is about 102ish and is wearing a size 4/5 and it fits:) I can not tell any difference in her new medicine, dread it when the Dr. said ti will make her real confused and you get though that part and she will be better, so looking forward to better....pray for her, scripture says " Blessed is the memory of the righteous" and I pray that for her:) She did know Jill Sunday night and knew Amelia looked like Jill but introduced her self to Alex, or ask him if he remembered her:( but she may have known him and thought he may not remember her like she never know. She has such a good attitude and sense of humor:) Faye got there at 1pm and mother was glad to see her, I told her I was going to the condo/lake for a few days and she was fine with that:) She did ask was Kay in town, in which she is:) I really love mothers home, it is totally peaceful and beautiful, mother loves it too, when you take her out she still has no ideal where she lives or if she has a home, which is sad:( this is usually more in the evenings, in the mornings she is more aware of things and alert on things. All in all I think she is adapting much better then I would. There is no doubt she knows Walt is dead and will never come back and totally understands that, which is a good thing. Well I am at the condo, still working, just will drive back and forth, tomorrow I show property up here, I have a like house listed. We had to fix the Ac here and it is cold in her, I have my flannel PJ'S on:) Love the quietness of this place and need it, I still do not feel as good as I normally do, different tendons are throbbing and just stiff and achy, just typical fibromalgia.....:((((( but with the rest it should go away and I am cutting out all sweets, I eat them with mother:( Looking forward to the pool and lake time:) hugs and nite

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Jen said...

Enjoy the condo! See you when you get home :)