Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There is a light:)

This the exterior of mother's new home, it is half the size she had and almost half the price:))) but its so her and she loves it. We had dinner tonight at Texas Roadhouse with Mamaw and Roy and Connie, and mother, Alicia, April me and Steve, it was yummy:)) Thursday night all the kids and Jimmy and Erma will come by for desert to see mamaw and Connie and Roy before they leave on Friday early am. I went to the old house for the last time today and so glad I do not go back till everything is sold:) Kay spent most of the afternoon there, brought some things back to mother's, went through old photos, I love doing that:)
I think things will get back to more normal for us, I love having mother over here this close, it will make things so much easier:)) Today I actually took a nap and feel a little more rested, this has really been a hard physical time and emotional time, but I do think I am on the down hill side of it:))) YEA!!!! Now we can just enjoy mother:) Her new home will be much easier to maintain, we have tried to keep it simple, which is hard because it is hard not to bring everything:) Little Cole comes over tomorrow, April is watching him while Sarah is at work, then Hannah and her family comes fro two days, then I am going to the condo Friday and Sat and Sunday to totally chill and be ready fro work on Monday:)))) I did get my car all clean today for work, I have to get focused and sell some homes next week:)) well I am off to bed....hugs and nite

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