Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Well I just wrote a whole post and lost it, I hate it when that happens, cuz now I do not want to do it all over again so you get the condensed version:(((( Yesterday we had a great family time at Bob and Alicia's we swam and ate US Pizza salad and pizzas, Kay had brought a birthday cake to surprise April Bivens her birthday is June 2nd. it was white icing on white cake form community bakery, April's favorite and it was real good. Mother and Aunt Mildred and Sharon had a good time and got to meet my girls, my boys were not there neither was Clay, we missed them but hey had already made other plans. Something bout boys:) I always have said girls stick by their mom's and boys stick by their wife's:) guess that is the way it is suppose to be:))) Not saying I do not have good boys, I do! Just can not please two women at the same time so they please their wife which is the right thing to do:)) that is who they live with. We really did miss them but all the others got to meet Aunt Mildred and Sharon. Plus all my boys work long hard hours and they deserve a break and be at the lake to relax from their work. I came home about 5:30, had planned on going to church for a pot luck but was way to tired, brought Blake adn Oliva with me and we were all in bed by 6:30 and asleep right after, I thought I was just laying down with Blake but did not wake till this am....I needed the sleep. Olivia is still asleep and Blake and daddygran are cooking a daddygran breakfast:) Hannah and mark are sleeping in since I get up so early, miss april is for sure still asleep. Today I may go back to alicia's and swim then go to greenbrair to write a offer, I am excited it is my listing and has a $5000 dollar bonus on it!! YAHOO!! I think I will write another one on my other listing out there pray! Pray this week for mother to bond with her new care givers, I pray she does and it goes well, if not I am not sure what we will do, she has met them and likes them:) gotta run and start my and hugs and Thank a Veteran for making Memorial Day possible!

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