Saturday, May 1, 2010

I will miss sleeping hearing the ocean:(((

I am ready to go home but will miss my natural noise maker of the ocean waves, I have kept my door open all the time and have so enjoyed the view of the ocean and the sound of the waves. There is Thunder Beach Harley Davidson rally here and I am telling the truth over 10,000 cycles, they are every where, in which motor cycles scare me, could be form my brother when I was young or seeing a fatal accident on JFK, many reasons, I do not like hearing them either, but have endured them:) I did enjoy looking at them:)) Tonight will be my last night on the beach till August...will work hard so I will be ready for a vacation, this time I will not take my on calls, I actually do a vacation from work. Steve and Bob went on a fishing trip today, it was fun, they caught some fish but did not keep them. They had a great time:) Alicia and I shopped, all I spent was ten dollars for a new pair of sun glasses:)) yea me!! I have sure enjoyed my time here, work and all:) Its easier to work from the beach, not near as stressful:) My legs at home will be glad I am back, I am sure:) Enjoy the pics:) have a safe night in all the storms here in Arkansas.....hugs! Nite!

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Anonymous said...

the first time we took Brock to FL I was just barely pregnant with Sawyer. We went to PCB about this same time of year. Just so happened to also be the week of the Thunder Beach Rally (2006). VERY VERY VERY LOUD....I bet you all had a blast!! Hopefully we can all go in August!!!