Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a day for a day dream…on the beach

I am loving my time with Steve and Alicia and bob, we do not get one on one time with our children much, its always full of family fun.  Last night we went to a special place in Snadestin Copper Grill, Steve and I had been there before but figured we would not be back because is so expensive, BUT>>>>>> we decide to go there, Bob wanted Lobster and Lobster is what he got!dinner 009     dinner 010 dinner 012

dinner 013 We all ate Lobster till you can not eat any more, shared a steak, a yummy Caser salad made table side, I can not even began to tell you how good the steaks and Lobster is here!  We finished it off with cream Brewlay (SP) quit laughing!…yes we shared, its all in family sized portions, oh I forgot the sautéed mushrooms!! So good!  Today we have chilled on the beach and now Alicia and I or off for a manicure and pedicure…..Steve and bob are still on the beach:)dinner 022 outside at Copper Grill, if your ever at the commons shopping this place is just down the road, it will be so good you will not forget it or its name:)  Sold my Wild berry listing today…yea, it makes my flintrock a firm offer now with a closing date!! I am so thankful to have a job I can do form any where in the world!!!!  It is for sure less stressful working form here…..tee hee…gotta run…hugsdinner 021 Steve and his baby/princess!  She has sold about 10 houses!!!!

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